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Play Folds -- Origami Game Folds -- Origami Game Feb. 04, 2013
Far too many of the levels were simply various versions of "turn the paper into a string and make a shape with it". a bit more variety would be nice.
Play Reactance 2 Reactance 2 Jul. 05, 2012
5-star from me off the start for a "start muted" button.
Play Reprisal Reprisal Jun. 18, 2012
The game is too easy. all I need to do to win is just flatten my starting area to the lowest land level above sea level, the n just make a ton more flat land. once I start encroaching on an enemy's land, I just set my guys to fight, and I win within 2-3 minutes.
Play Paladog Paladog Jun. 06, 2012
It took me around 20 tries to beat 4-15, simply because of the random nature of the level.
Play Paladog Paladog Jun. 06, 2012
My only two complaints are: 1. there should be a counter against people who spam archers and fist maces. that combo can beat almost every level. 2. the green levels need to have a more controlled random system. I've been stuck on them before because it refused to give me nothing other than poison maces and turtles, so nothing ever died. The system should be set up to assume that the player can win if you don't use the items given very stupidly instead of relying purely on luck.
Play Talesworth Adventure: The Lost Artifacts Talesworth Adventure: The Lost Artifacts May. 17, 2012
For those interested, I managed to pull off 11 platinums while doing a full gold run.
Play Talesworth Adventure: The Lost Artifacts Talesworth Adventure: The Lost Artifacts May. 17, 2012
sorry, mountain boss, not cave boss.
Play Talesworth Adventure: The Lost Artifacts Talesworth Adventure: The Lost Artifacts May. 17, 2012
minor glitch and annoyance: for the cave's boss level, you can complete the level with 3 bags of gold, 1 one-way gate, and 2 hunks of meat, and get a silver, while 2 bags of gold, 2 one-way gates, and 2 hunks of meat gets you a gold. the placement of all pieces except the bag of gold and the one-way gate are exactly the same, but your choice of which to use is what determines your score. Also, there is no skip button for boss killing cut-scenes, which is an annoyance when you have to watch it every time you complete the same level trying to get a better score. Also, during cut-scenes, you can still edit the map, resulting in misplaced items when spam clicking to get through the cut-scene faster.
Play Nuclear Outrun Nuclear Outrun May. 17, 2012
how to overtime: manual, 2 big tires, shark gun. keep 1 shark up at all times, save your spike tires for the final 600.
Play CalcuDoku Light Vol 1 CalcuDoku Light Vol 1 Feb. 29, 2012
Because you forced us to have a "possible combination" box, the puzzles become trivial. the majority of numbers can be found by taking one of the single boxes, and go diagonally or horizontally looking for another pair with only 1 combo that uses that number, and repeat with the new numbers.
Play Bullet Audyssey Bullet Audyssey Feb. 23, 2012
Is it wrong of me to have only managed to have perfected the final boss when it let up on the lasers? nothing killed me more in this game than lasers did. Awesome game otherwise. A tip to players trying for perfects: SURVIVAL FIRST! no matter how much you wanna get a full overcharge stream into the boss for maximum damage, it's not worth it most of the time. do hit and runs and actually use your slow-mo, especially when it seems like stuff is speeding up, that's when you stop firing, and start focusing on your survival. Also, keep an eye out for patterns. there's 3 level at least where the seemingly random bullets have patterns that make for lining up shots safely and easily.
Play Colourshift Colourshift Feb. 22, 2012
impossible quick play is right. that's not to say that they're not solvable, it's more that they don't follow all the rules as set forth by the original puzzles. in particular, apparently you don't need to use every line, you just need to light up every bulb/connect every line to a bulb end. This wouldn't be a problem if it weren't for the fact that this severely screws up the logic of the game, resulting in you trying just random patterns until something works instead of figuring out which way a line faces because it couldn't face any other way due to what's around it.
Play Monster Arena Monster Arena Feb. 03, 2012
despite how lucrative discipline or stat items are, they're not the best way to go. go spoiled and sell all items you get. items you sell are sold at full cost despite what the game says. buy nothing but the $300 2exp items. when used, the exp is added to the total exp of the training, and then after that exp finishes adding, the extra exp is added a second time, so all 2exp items equate to 4 exp.
Play Farm of Souls Farm of Souls Jan. 11, 2012
hadn't played for a while, but still knew the controls. loaded my old game, hit shift and left to try to get to the edge of my city.... 5 minutes later I get there. my city is too big.
Play Theme Hotel Theme Hotel Dec. 17, 2011
Thank you for not having upgrades for workers or buildings. It's always annoying having to micromanage all of them to make sure they're upgraded. The only thing I could see that should be changed is that the requirements for money for the stars should be changed to income per month, not cash on hand.
Play The Last Stand: Union City The Last Stand: Union City Oct. 15, 2011
game breaking bug: partner gets downed, cannot revive them with G, cannot leave the area and abandon them, they never die.
Play Maze Stopper 2 Maze Stopper 2 Oct. 08, 2011
to anyone struggling with the hard badge: try to get the CPUs to backtrack. lead them down a line then bottle it while you have another passage open. got a huge open area? make a bunch of tunnels in a row, and when the CPU goes through one and nearly to the end, block it off, and he'll loop around back to try to go through another tunnel. no room for tunnels? make corners, it's not much but it does slow them down. never let the CPU walk diagonally.
Play Music Catch 2 Music Catch 2 Oct. 08, 2011
I got lucky doing the hard badge, got a purple followed by a flashing note during the heaviest part of the song. basically instantly got an extra x40.
Play WarLight WarLight Oct. 08, 2011
RED! why you no die?!
Play Knightfall 2 Knightfall 2 Oct. 07, 2011
a little hint for people: almost everything on the board can move, not just yourself. don't always send your guy off to collect the key then head to the door, bring the key and door to you if you can.