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The Great Minimum

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Jan. 24, 2012

Rating: 18

This was special. Glad I was patient and let it unfold. I was initially put off by a few things -- the odd jumping, an interactive object unlike anything else and apparently without purpose -- these made the game seem unfocused. I began to see a pattern; my interest in the poem grew. I almost stopped (face-then-catch frustration). Eventually I tuned in to the logic of solutions, and just enjoying watching it unfold. I learned to read the pixel art style better -- e.g. recognizing the gurney. Many scenes (such as falling-to-kneeling) are well done, although early cartoonish jumping and later googley-eyes later feel a bit off. I liked the winking, though. A pixel font makes the poem hard to read at times - the game and reading compete for attention more than they should perhaps, given the weight of the ending. Mixed reactions, but five stars in the end. Creative, well done.

Developer response from Berzee

Many good points that will all be mulled over -- thanks for sticking with it :D

Two trees around a fireplace [Test]

Play Two trees around a fireplace [Test]

Apr. 05, 2011

Rating: 2

Feedback: 0. Agree with Gama11--post tests once they are minimally playable. 1. Nice graphics ambiance. Fire needs sound that gets louder as you approach. 2. You can walk through the trees, with bad shearing--oops. 3. That's actually a fire, not a fireplace! Google "fireplace," look at pics, read the definition.