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Play Chronicles of Blood Chronicles of Blood Jan. 25, 2013
Okay, I still have health. The enemy still has health. *Attack* Wait, what? He's dead? But he still has most of his health!
Play Papa's Pizzeria Papa's Pizzeria Nov. 30, 2012
This game was made in 2007? I didn't realize how long the developer has been re-using the same music, UI, and concept. I think it's about time he give it a rest.
Play Creeper World: Evermore Creeper World: Evermore Nov. 15, 2012
What, why doesn't this game have any badges?
Play Legacy of a Thousand Suns Legacy of a Thousand Suns Nov. 10, 2012
This is the worst game I've ever seen on Kongregate, and I've seen a lot of them. I don't understand what's been happening on this site lately, when games like this are getting badges.
Play The Several Journeys of Reemus: Chapter 3 The Several Journeys of Reemus: Chapter 3 Jul. 19, 2012
The game crashes continually. I'm not going to play through each level a thousand times to compensate for bad code. 1/5
Play DuckLife 4 DuckLife 4 Mar. 02, 2012
♪And then he waddled away...♫
Play Neon Race 2 Neon Race 2 Feb. 24, 2012
Gave me fond memories of playing Red Asphalt on the PSX as a kid.
Play Zombies, Inc. Zombies, Inc. Feb. 24, 2012
The end was really tedious for me, when I had fully upgraded everything, but still had three whole countries to conquer.
Play Words and Physics Words and Physics Dec. 12, 2011
That was a lot harder than I thought it would be.
Play Freeway Fury 2 Freeway Fury 2 Nov. 25, 2011
You can tell this isn't real life because the road is actually straight.
Play Stick Arena: Ballistick Stick Arena: Ballistick Nov. 25, 2011
I got stuck in the arena by myself with three minutes left after having made seven kills. That medium badge is impossible if no one else is playing the game.
Play K.O.L.M. 2 K.O.L.M. 2 Nov. 24, 2011
I... don't understand the story...
Play Four Second Frenzy Four Second Frenzy Nov. 19, 2011
Yes, I finally won endurance mode! Now I can finally take my fingers away from the keys! ...NO!
Play Backyard Monsters (removed) Backyard Monsters (removed) Nov. 15, 2011
I really hate these games that give advantages to people who have hundreds of dollars that they're dumb enough to throw away. Either give me a flash game for free, or make me pay $50 for a full-fledged game.
Play Penguinz Penguinz Nov. 13, 2011
Maybe I'm being silly, but letting us change what gun we're using would have been helpful. Say, for the last level, when it's impossible to win with the close-range chainsaw.
Play Mushroom Madness 3 Mushroom Madness 3 Nov. 11, 2011
That last Animal Rush level is killing me. Those are the only three stars I need, but I can't even get one of them.
Play Lab of the Dead Lab of the Dead Nov. 11, 2011
And they all lived happily ever after...
Play Mushroom Madness 3 Mushroom Madness 3 Nov. 10, 2011
Man, that last Animal Rush. Is it even possible to beat that, let alone with three stars?
Play Arachnophilia Arachnophilia Nov. 07, 2011
Like I needed another reason to hate bees.
Play SeppuKuties SeppuKuties Nov. 06, 2011
Those poor creatures. They need a sequel.