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Play Tripod Attack Tripod Attack Jan. 19, 2013
is anyone else getting the "victory" screen right after the game loads than getting the main menu? when i press back, i'll get directed to the option menu AND the game going on in the background.....huh?
Play Rocket Santa 2 Rocket Santa 2 Dec. 18, 2012
also how about xmas won't drain your fuel as well
Play Rocket Santa 2 Rocket Santa 2 Dec. 18, 2012
fun game but i think you need to increase the coin magnet/fuel more, since it appear when i replay 6 times. also, maybe getting xmas can refill the fuel at full?
Play Symbiosis Symbiosis Dec. 14, 2012
awesome game but those last 3 pts should be use to increase magic recover time.
Play Incursion Incursion Dec. 07, 2012
fun game but i feel the items should of been magic spells with cool down, since when i needed a spell, i never get one. so make it into a spell you can use over with cool down or make the items appear more.
Play Papa's Hot Doggeria Papa's Hot Doggeria Dec. 04, 2012
meanwhile back at papa louie home.... Louie: I'M RICH! *jumps into a pool of cash while "swimming in the money" music plays*
Play Boxhead: The Nightmare Boxhead: The Nightmare Nov. 30, 2012
great game like always but this surprise me since there lag. the other games don;t have lag. fire the machine gun and so much lag that after i stop shooting, i getting killed. plus when i come back to life, i was place within the zombies horded.
Play Evilgeddon Spooky Max Evilgeddon Spooky Max Nov. 29, 2012
awesome game but needs more work in some areas. like the pistol. when i get the upgrade fire rate, even i hear the sound of t being fired, it won't appear at all. i think its because there so many enemies on the screen. speaking of enemies, you get box in so quick and with no weapon like the shotgun, you die very quick. i suggest to buy weapons then picking it up and please add a melee weapons as well. the last thing i can think of is to have a longer timer between waves.
Play Japanese anime girl makeover Japanese anime girl makeover Nov. 06, 2012
can't change her hair color :/
Play Outpost:Haven Outpost:Haven Oct. 26, 2012
found notes of crazy ppl.....they still use "lol" and other icons xD
Play Rogue Soul Rogue Soul Oct. 25, 2012
the doubled jump isn't working for me. anyone else having that problem?
Play Zombotron 2 Zombotron 2 Jul. 21, 2012
bug: if you enter a door as you die, it freeze the whole game
Play Endless War 5 Endless War 5 Jul. 20, 2012
my allies dead in TEN. SECONDS. FLAT! but fun game :3
Play Relive Your Life Relive Your Life Jun. 30, 2012
Google Chrome seems to be giving issues so true :/
Play Nightmare Runner Nightmare Runner Jun. 13, 2012
love the art work. i hope the next one is night base theme to it and maybe a story plot to it?
Play Enigmata: Stellar War Enigmata: Stellar War Jun. 02, 2012
love it but needs different backgrounds and different level music
Play Music Catch 2 Music Catch 2 May. 29, 2012
awesome game ever! is there a download version of this game? if so, then the custom song feature should be more easier to use.
Play Kingdom Rush Kingdom Rush May. 28, 2012
awesome game. i can't stop playing it XD but the only thing i wish was in the game was a tech tree for your money or something. the money in killing the monster is pretty low :/