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Play Focus Focus Jul. 27, 2012
Fun game, but my saves disappear if I close the window.
Play Achievement Unlocked 3 Achievement Unlocked 3 Jun. 10, 2012
Started lagging really badly when I got to around 270 badges. Also, save and exit option doesn't seem to work.
Play Theme Hotel Theme Hotel May. 23, 2012
Thanks for having the sound/no sound option at the game startup.
Play Meat Boy Meat Boy Aug. 06, 2011
My arrow keys aren't working with this game.
Play Hack Slash Crawl Hack Slash Crawl Apr. 23, 2011
I the viewable area is messed up for me, I can't figure out how to get to my inventory, and the words at the top right are cut off.
Play Boxhead: 2Play Rooms Boxhead: 2Play Rooms Jul. 04, 2010
got to level 42, but didn't get the achievement. the game over screen doesn't have anything saying what level you got to, so can't take a screenshot to submit for the report missing achievement thing
Play SHIFT 2 SHIFT 2 Apr. 19, 2008
the cc is a lie :P