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Disclaimer: Currently internet-less

Welcome to my profile!

Guidelines for the new users

Pequeña guia en español para los usuarios nuevos

How the ones that complain of my actions look to me

How to become a Mod

Protocolo de accion frente a Hackers

Something is unclear?

My name is Joaqox (stop calling me “joagox” please, it’s annoying) I’ve been around Kongregate since 2009 and spent most on my time in Torre Entel so if you wanna chat try finding me there or send me a PM.

Food (Feeeeed meeeee): Milanesas, Frizze Blue, books, Gancia, tuna salad, spaghetti, tacos, the blood of my enemy’s sisters.

Relationship: [ see Torre Entel chatroom ]

Religion: Pastafarian, demigod, Hitchhiker, Rock.

I’m kind of a book worm, gamer, otaku, nerd, asssshole, sexy, dumbfuck who just likes to chat with friends and hangout in Kong.
Try talking to me, I don’t really like describing myself in a blank space in a website.

Mod in Torre Entel: 29/10/14
Mod in La Querencia: 31/03/15
Mod in Curio Quest: 20/08/15
Mod in Gravitee Wars Online: 5/12/15
Mod in Bat Country: 4/02/16
Mod in Fear Of The Dark: 26/05/16

This mug represents what I do and helps me through the days I need to push it a bit more for my regs. I love them.

My Avatar was made by JTTheLlamma. Please do visit his thread in The Arts. It’s awesome.

Friends (no special order):
Meeeeeh (Oveja Loca).
Muuuuuuu (Asadito).
Palamaxone (Paladin).
CiobanuM (Miru).
JefeTauren (Chef).
NeXu (Nex).
Arisuinsanegirl (Bordecito ♥)
Fafatusa (Fafa).
GM_Gamer (Gonza).
Laxvio (Lax-lax).
Gore_Obsessed (Gorin).
Klatu ♥(Pimpino).
Nomade (Nomadin).
JohannasGarden (Jo). [I.O.U.]
IAmTheCandyman (Nik)
SinkTheBismarck (Gio)

Catch phrase:
…-cause I can!”

The users have given me this giggles most funny nickname that still is somewhat true. You see, they call me The Jew Hunter The Under Hunter


SirPent1: Joagox is awesome
Keyragustin: I’m falling in love with joagox
SirPent1: Same Key
SirPent1: I’ll let you have Joa though
YomandoT: Pedazo de turro, me fui a otro club. 5K es mucho para mi bodeh’ (reply)
To YomandoT: LoL
To YomandoT: Cagón
YomandoT: Obvio. (reply)
Laxvio: ahora solo falta darme una buena depilada y toy tiqi taca
Arisuinsanegirl: No te estoy defendiendo, a mi me encanta putear niñitos.
Sychospy: Me dio paja armar una ensalada y me fui comiendo las cosas a medida que las lavaba.
Laxvio: Aca esta my pussy!
Usuario Anonimo (by request): La wea es que me cuelga pancita
JTtheLlama: Don’t joake around.
Laxvio: Me divierte calentar la sopa, es un pasatiempo malvado, lo se.

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