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Play Dillo Hills Dillo Hills Jan. 01, 2013
dildo hills? i'll check it out
Play Hexagon Hexagon Oct. 03, 2012
It seems I'm leaving these comments much more frequently these days, but seriously, what a terrible f*cking game.
Play Berserk: The Cataclysm Berserk: The Cataclysm Sep. 29, 2012
this game blows b-hole.
Play Tripod Attack Tripod Attack Apr. 24, 2012
Death ray = auto 5/5
Play New Star Soccer New Star Soccer Apr. 10, 2012
My girlfriend crashed my motorbike, so I dumped her.
Play Fairway Solitaire Fairway Solitaire Mar. 07, 2012
Well, it's definitely got an app feel to it, more so than a kong game. But it was still fun, worth going for the badges.
Play DuckLife 4 DuckLife 4 Mar. 05, 2012
It takes a pretty terrible game to not go after a couple medium badges, but I couldn't stand it anymore after the first stage. If you're going to make a game that's ENTIRELY based on mini games, you should consider making them fun. diaf
Play Zombies, Inc. Zombies, Inc. Feb. 26, 2012
The zombies are awesome.
Play Bullet Time Ninja Bullet Time Ninja Jan. 25, 2012
I genuinely hated this game. diaf
Play Color Link-a-Pix Light Vol 1 Color Link-a-Pix Light Vol 1 Dec. 30, 2011
probably my favorite puzzle game on the site. deserves a sequel.
Play Pixel 2 Pixel 2 Dec. 18, 2011
Full screen!
Play Earn to Die Earn to Die Dec. 09, 2011
980 on day 2. 982 on day 3. *facepalm*
Play Penguin Overlords Penguin Overlords Jul. 26, 2011
If I can't run through a rock, why can I get shot through one?
Play Dream World Dream World Feb. 16, 2010
Oh nos! I could be playing then waiting for energy then playing then waiting! But now I'm just waiting and I can't even be using energy!
Play Epic war Epic war Aug. 21, 2009
Hey tinyblackman, I read your comment, and I can help you. However, before I do, I want to show you something. It's in my van.
Play Shopping Cart Hero Shopping Cart Hero Aug. 12, 2009
Distance: 750.1 Woot.