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Play Bone Sniffer Bone Sniffer Dec. 26, 2011
Not especially hard...its one of those click on everything until you find what works kind of games and that's ok. It is very cute and sweet and once in a while you need to play one of these types of games just to put a little smile on your face! Nice art/graphics which adds to the cartoon-like gameplay. 4/5
Play Myosotis Chapter 1 Myosotis Chapter 1 Dec. 17, 2011
Just finished Myosotis Chapter 1 and, as usual, Impending Riot does not disappoint!! The game is deceptively simple and the puzzles were just hard enough without being frustratingly difficult. The music was excellent -- a great complement to the game. For instance, in the "remain calm" room the music really ramps up and to spite myself I felt a little stressed b/c of it. In usual Impending Riot style the story (which is as usual a very skewed take of some subversive reality) takes the front seat and the game is like beautiful dressing for that story. All I can say is, "great job" and I cant wait to play chapter 2!
Developer response from ImpendingRiot

Wow, thanks so much for the kind words I really appreciate it. I'm glad you appreciate the music as much as I do. It's so important for me to find musicians that inspire me. I didn't even know that the song in the "remain calm" room was going to be there until I heard it and just had to put it in. Thankfully the musician let me! :)

Play Crazy Putter Crazy Putter Jul. 29, 2011
Ditto what others have said... the golf balls collected do not get credited to you at the end... plus, if you've got a clear shot to the hole you've pretty much got it b/c all you have to do is go max level, there is no going past the hole b/c you hit it too hard. It would be nice to see a more realistic change there so you don't always hit it in just b/c you touched the hole.
Play Hidden Stars-Beauties Hidden Stars-Beauties Jun. 01, 2011
After looking at it for awhile I get that the "true" stars are "twinkling"... still kind of lame... like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Not very fun.
Play Reversi Reversi Jun. 01, 2011
I know reversi is a "classic" game and all but though I've heard of it, I've never played...so for those of us who dont know how some instructions would be good.
Play Lexirace Lexirace May. 31, 2011
Funky, with every other one I've played you always substitute a letter that is in the next word (example: Nares to cares to canes to caned.) That makes sense to me, with each substitute you are using a letter that you pull from the end word to make the two in between words. But with Moods to molds to colds to coeds where do you pull the L from?
Play Lexirace Lexirace May. 31, 2011
I like the concept...but i think you should look at some of your words (to get from "moods" to "coeds" the two in between words were "mold" and "cold"?? moods...mold...cold...coeds? Where the heck did the "L" come from? Interesting concept for a word game...but check your words b/c some of them don't work.
Play Mystery Rail Train Mystery Rail Train May. 30, 2011
I agree with others, there seems to be no pendrive...also there is an abundance of objects/items that appear that are not clickable. Is this on purpose or am I pixel hunting in the wrong place? (ie the shoe, the hook, the pen, etc...) Some of the items you find have descriptions like 'completely useless' then you find a log and the character says "I might need this!" I realize the devs know what is useless and needed but it seems rather absurd to say you need a log on a subway train... I can handle the typos and the incorrect descriptions (battery--ducktape) because I realize that not all the devs speak english as their first language, but this one just seems to be thrown together.
Play A Simple Escape Game A Simple Escape Game May. 25, 2011
Nice little game, Empirecola! Well done, especially since this was your first attempt at an escape game! I dont know what so many are complaining about with not knowing what to do -- I thought it was straight forward, almost easy. I usually cant finish an escape game on my own without a few hints but this went smoothly. I liked it! Keep 'em coming!
Play Fire Symphony Fire Symphony May. 18, 2011
I really wanna like this game...and i DO like the concept. BUT the way the camera swirls the player around makes me wanna hurl! There has got to be a happy medium... a way to play the game that doesn't make one feel like they have vertigo!
Play Hack Slash Crawl Hack Slash Crawl Feb. 25, 2011
The game will not allow me to click on the inventory. I've picked up several items and it is flashing "new item" but nothing happens when i click on it so I cant access it!!!!!
Play Reachin' Pichin Reachin' Pichin Oct. 15, 2010
Loved the fact that there was a save feature!...got pretty far, saved the game, went to bed, got up the next morning...and it wasnt there!!
Play Battle Formation, War of the Medieval Battle Formation, War of the Medieval Sep. 25, 2010
Hate to just say the same thing over again but...comes up as site locked. Why the heck would the game come up as site locked if you ARE on Kongregate? I dont understand...
Play Pitch Listener Pitch Listener Jul. 11, 2010
AARRGGHH!!! I ALWAYS score 80%!!!!!!...Great little tool/learning game though! 4/5
Play Daily Witness 2 Daily Witness 2 Jul. 11, 2010
Once I click on 'day 1' & it takes me to the next screen where each of the investigators makes a statement...nothing happens. There is nothing that I can find to click on to take you into the game...am I missing something or is this a bug?? Frustrated that I cant start the game!
Play Bloobman preview1 Bloobman preview1 Jul. 01, 2010
I disagree with all the "needs color" comments (but then again, that is just my opinion, too)...I think that having it in b&w is a style choice, one the creator should get to decide on. Personally I like the simple, b&w style myself. I agree that having varied enemies would be nice and a nice way to spice up the combat . And I agree with with Waroe that IF you decide to put in color that the way to do it would be with making the various enemies different colors to differentiate them, but again, I like it in b&w just fine. Great concept, like the simple style of the graphics and cant wait to see a full version on Kong sometime soon!
Play Pin light Pin light Jun. 29, 2010
Really want to play but...NOT LOADING!!!!
Play beaine in river beaine in river Jun. 18, 2010
Not bad...I liked the concept. The game was too sensitive when jumping over the obstacles & even when I cleared them I still got points deducted sometimes. Also you should let players know that you cant go around them or you still get points taken away. The "submit score" button at the end also is not working for me.
Play Hidden Numbers - Fantastic Mr Fox Hidden Numbers - Fantastic Mr Fox Jun. 16, 2010
As above...wrong game!
Play Balloon Popping Balloon Popping Jun. 16, 2010
I had the same "yellow box" glitch that yoshipro had when they played...The balloons popped on the first level but after it did the glitch thing and wouldnt pop any balloons, it would make the balloon popping sound but only put yellow boxes around the sets of balloons so you couldnt go on...not a bad game, simple but worked (up until the glitch) ok for one of these types of games...oh, and I didnt try to use the wands until after the glitch happened, but they did not work when I tried to use them then. If not for the glitch, seems like a pretty good start for someone beginning to create games.