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Play OFFS3T game OFFS3T game Feb. 17, 2014
Beautiful pictures with interesting twists on matching puzzles. I enjoyed everything except the Ice Cave. That one was too dark and obscure.
Play Ragdoll Achievement 2 Ragdoll Achievement 2 Sep. 25, 2013
Something is very, very wrong with this game in my browser. It runs all right for a short time, but then it starts freezing for longer and longer periods of time. Lowering quality and turning off sound have no effect. It freezes when I'm adding traps, removing traps, running the room, or doing nothing at all. The game doesn't lock up forever but it's unplayable in this state. It also causes the browser to give me "unresponsive script" messages.
Play Nelly 2: ep.1 Nelly 2: ep.1 Aug. 29, 2013
There are some very buggy spots toward the end. Picking up the mushroom in chapter 11 sometimes caused the mushroom to disappear. In chapter 12, pushing the platform with the pet on top causes the pet to fall and disappear permanently. I also got stuck under the gate near the button in Chapter 5. Eventually I was able to wiggle out.
Play J-J-Jump J-J-Jump Mar. 04, 2013
The zoom level makes a few parts of the game more about frustrating trial-and-error than they need to be. 10-20% more field of view might make it feel more fair. The last level is not so difficult if you take the shortcut straight up after the first turn. You only need to hop over a couple of mines instead of 5 or more. But a checkpoint right before the squashing blocks would be nice.
Play Papa's Hot Doggeria Papa's Hot Doggeria Nov. 19, 2012
Skin 5, Eye Type 7, Eye Look 3, Mouth Look 8, Hair Color 9, Hair 8, Facial Hair 1, Extras 1, Eye Position and Eye Spacing and Mouth Position right, Neck Length and Head Position left, Head Size medium large to play as E.T.
Play Engage Engage Nov. 17, 2012
It's a good shooter, though. With another layer of polish it will be even better.
Play Engage Engage Nov. 17, 2012
The campaign has some of the wrong kind of bugs. The knife stops working after throwing. It's most obvious on the knife training mission. Auto-select works poorly in melee range. It switches to ranged weapons even when the cursor is very close to the melee target. Bug hives will often force a switch to RPG even though the cursor is nowhere near them. Many times I tried to swing a knife at a bug in the middle of the screen and launched a rocket to nowhere. The sniper rifle comes up at inconvenient times too. Close targets should always get priority weapon selection. There's also a rare bug that causes weapons to stop reloading and become unselectable. It might be caused by reloading at a transition point like the end of a wave. Finally, the training missions weren't giving out enough experience, especially for the final rifle and machine gun. I had to play the machine gun mission five times with perfect scores to reach the minigun. The final sniper rifle needed three or four.
Play Engage Engage Nov. 17, 2012
With all the hidden jumpers and other spread out targets, a radar might improve the game.
Play Engage Engage Nov. 17, 2012
The biggest problem with auto-switch is it's unpredictable. When I click the mouse, I'm trying to fire a shot. Auto-switch doesn't fire, so I don't hit whatever I was aiming at.
Play Into Space 2 Into Space 2 Oct. 15, 2012
I have to agree with the collision criticisms. A healthy rocket can brush against an obstacle at low speed, get stuck, and explode a few seconds later. It's worst in space, where you can't come to a stop in time if you're traveling at a decent speed. Radar is essential for most of the game. It should be a standard upgrade at the bottom of the shop page, not a 3 slot add-on. The best radar could also show different size red dots depending on obstacle, and even replace dots with arrows to show their direction of movement. Otherwise this is one of the best launch games around.
Play Metal Arena 3 Metal Arena 3 Oct. 11, 2012
Money slows to a crawl in the second half. Enemies are far apart, they have high hit points, and the best weapons have slow travel times. The combo timer runs out faster than you can kill anything, which keeps the multiplier near 1. And the top weapon is useless without the fire rate upgrade. The only reasonable option is to grind middle levels for high multipliers. The hit point jump and equipment costs are so high near the end that it feels like several intermediate levels are missing.
Play Snake Squad Snake Squad Oct. 04, 2012
Sniper is the best upgrade, hands down. He'll hit stuff off screen before it ever fires at you. Then try to max squad size, reinforcement, and speed. A couple points in health and magnet should be enough. Enemy bullets persist for too long. It's too easy to run into a stray shot fired 10 seconds earlier. They should evaporate after a few seconds.
Play Knightmare Tower Knightmare Tower Sep. 05, 2012
Elevator levels in platformers are going to seem so boring now. Game is click-heavy toward the end, but I can't think of a way around that. Occasionally it's frustrating when a crowd of powerful shooters is unreachable behind higher enemies. A very limited breakthrough-on-demand ability would be useful.
Play NoNoSparks: The Ark NoNoSparks: The Ark Sep. 05, 2012
Many of the 15's are extremely challenging, not a bad thing. Are they all solvable without trial and error?
Developer response from BeardshakerGames

Yes, they are. We had just an ambiguity in level 24 but fixed it now. So every puzzle has just one solution.

Play Color Link-a-Pix Light Vol 2 Color Link-a-Pix Light Vol 2 Sep. 05, 2012
1's should autocomplete. They're just busywork. Autocompleting isolated pairs of 2's would be nice as an option.
Play Papa's Freezeria Papa's Freezeria Aug. 22, 2012
Why am I bothering with customers when I can hit the dispenser buttons for free money?
Play Reactance 2 Reactance 2 Jun. 16, 2012
Not the best shooter of all time, but solid all around. This sort of game is difficult to play with mouse controls in a browser, because it's too easy for the mouse to leave the game window and stop the ship dead. A solution for that would make the game more fun. Player's bullets are handled perfectly. Enough presence to see where they're going at all times, but not so strong that they conceal enemy shots.
Play Kamikaze Pigs Kamikaze Pigs Jun. 16, 2012
Income seems very inconsistent. A huge combo earns 1000, or a moderate sized group of planes earns 15,000. This is with the 150% income bonus. Makes the grind to final set of upgrades frustrating. Otherwise, great chain reaction game. Lots of fun to watch it unfold.
Play Kill the Heroes Kill the Heroes Mar. 29, 2012
"Lorenzo" could have won easily if he'd sent in the Eva series instead.
Developer response from nerdook

gendo "lorenzo" ikari

Play Starmada Starmada Mar. 26, 2012
Regarding the last rocket upgrade, why would I want to fire heat seeking rockets from my s?