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Play Cube Escape: Arles Cube Escape: Arles Jun. 15, 2015
Didn't like this ones quite as much as the others. THe puzzles were a bit less intuitive and the atmosphere wasn't quite as interesting either.
Play Tim_ Tim_ Jun. 15, 2015
What are you supposed to do when you end up in the black area?
Developer response from kilianolopes

o.O i never see that

Play Space Incident Space Incident Jun. 12, 2015
Some glimmers of an interesting game, but it's too hard to tell what's going on and too much waiting time.
Play 'Til Cows Tear Us Apart 'Til Cows Tear Us Apart May. 24, 2015
Great game. I'd give more than 5/5 if that was possible. The one complaint is that the skip function doesn't actually skip. It still takes too long to replay, but the story work is fantastic.
Play The Tale Of Doris and The Dragon - Episode I The Tale Of Doris and The Dragon - Episode I May. 03, 2015
Very nice game, but the music puzzle is too difficult. If you are tone deaf like me it's basically impossible. Perhaps if there was some kind of feedback to let you know if you were on the right track, so you could at least brute force it. Or some non-auditory clues.
Play Aldo and Gus: The Skeleton Key Aldo and Gus: The Skeleton Key May. 03, 2015
Kind of fun, but needs to be clearer what are the things that can be interacted with. Some of the puzzles/items were very unintuitive.
Play A Matter of Caos: Episode 3 A Matter of Caos: Episode 3 Apr. 25, 2015
Great game. I'm not sure why it needs to use Unity though.
Developer response from ExperaGameStudio

Thanks! We are using Unity because Kongregate is only our first step for gaining experience and a bit of a support base. Unity is more powerful and permits us to compile our game on many platform. Steam is our goal! ;)

Play Can You Get To Level Ten? Can You Get To Level Ten? Apr. 03, 2015
some of the balls seem to kill you and some just push you. It would be nice to be able to tell the difference.
Play Structure Structure Mar. 25, 2015
I made it to the endless death chamber. Is it beatable in some way?
Developer response from Brokwerk

I think the Structure has got you beat... but congratulations on finishing all the puzzles!!!

Play Structure Structure Mar. 23, 2015
Is the ending really just getting stuck in that block maze?
Play Left Turn Otto Left Turn Otto Mar. 18, 2015
interesting idea but the execution is rough.
Play Dfragmente Dfragmente Mar. 11, 2015
Really enjoyed the game, but the ending was definitely abrupt and awkward.
Play The Empty Kingdom The Empty Kingdom Dec. 08, 2014
Great game. The sounds visuals, etc. were all really cool.
Play Titania Titania Sep. 07, 2014
Is the screen with the three guys names the end? And is there any way to do anything? This seems less like a game and more just a story.
Play Your Way Your Way Jul. 15, 2014
The amount of walking in this game for no reason is annoying.
Play Glitch Lab Glitch Lab Jul. 12, 2014
Good game but the controls were a little bit flawed and the ending was dumb.
Play Cash Quest Cash Quest Mar. 08, 2014
Knowing which items have been got and which are still out there would be nice.
Play Only One Chance Only One Chance Jan. 16, 2014
I neither see the girl nor how to proceed as I can't jump high enough to make it anywhere.
Play ClicOnly ClicOnly Dec. 17, 2013
cool concept, not actually that much fun in practice.
Play Project Timepiece Project Timepiece Nov. 16, 2013
Not a bad game but as its a demo should release it as such. If you finish it later you should release the whole game separately.