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Play The Several Journeys of Reemus: Chapter 3 The Several Journeys of Reemus: Chapter 3 Dec. 26, 2014
I'm pretty sure that's not what he said... His lips looked more like "weaselweaselweaselweasel..."
Play Cargo Bridge Cargo Bridge Dec. 25, 2014
For my Kongregatians stuck on the second level; the way to win saving the most money is to simply make the bridge like a little mountain. Two sticks is all you need per gap, a flatter version of /\. Happy gaming!
Play Cargo Bridge Cargo Bridge Dec. 25, 2014
@LordDackofSword, they are all accurate as well, not just a bunch of numbers/letters.
Play Hands of War 2 Hands of War 2 Dec. 17, 2014
*reads Thanks for Playing screen* I crave another game, Djugan..
Play Boss Battle Boss Battle Dec. 17, 2014
Great game, I only have one request. On "Hard" mode, on the boss that sends out two big blocks with a corridor in between, and in the corridor you have to navigate around the obstacles? That boss shouldn't be able to shoot out of it's mouth. You can't see it coming past the big blocks and obstacles, and even if you could you can't avoid it.
Play Achievement Unlocked Achievement Unlocked Dec. 16, 2014
I finished the "Hard" badge, and then I suddenly realized it was winter outside.
Play Wasted Youth, Part 1 Wasted Youth, Part 1 Dec. 15, 2014
Anyone notice the computer mouse in the top right bedroom is a living mouse? xP
Play GemCraft chapter 0 GemCraft chapter 0 Dec. 12, 2014
*thinks to self;* "Pshh, first guardian in 15 minutes? I'm wiping this game out!" *reads "78th level"* >_>
Play Continuity Continuity Dec. 11, 2014
Now imagine the puzzle difficulty of this platform black-and-white game mixed with that of "Shift". The sliding tile platformer with the black/white single-tile switch, like switching one map (=one tile) in "Shift"!
Play i saw her standing there i saw her standing there Dec. 09, 2014
I've never felt so bad for a lowercase i before.
Play circloO circloO Dec. 09, 2014
Blown away; elegant, unique, and well designed, extremely fun, and simple! 5/5
Play How About Socializing How About Socializing Dec. 09, 2014
Developer response from trollertrolled5

Thank you, Keno :D

Play Portal: The Flash Version Portal: The Flash Version Dec. 06, 2014
Pushing the block into a black corner, forcing you to restart because it can't get out? Needs to be fixed. Also, it's ridiculous that the blocks can't be pushed onto the buttons. Please correct these! Vote up if you agree.
Play Elephant Quest Elephant Quest Dec. 06, 2014
Anyone else avoid all the gold fences because they look like spikes?
Play Rebuild Rebuild Dec. 04, 2014
I'm confused.. One of my characters has lost her eye for the third time now.
Play Rebuild Rebuild Dec. 04, 2014
I got a character named "Elijah Kelly." Elijah Kelly found a dog named "Lucky" My name is Elijah Kelly, and I have a dog named Lucky. I'm scared.
Play William and Sly William and Sly Dec. 03, 2014
Here's the snakes pattern, say it out loud to yourself as you battle him: Open across the top, (stay away from the top half!) closed across the top, (safe), Open across the bottom, (stay away from the bottom half!), closed against the bottom (safe), repeat. Vote + so people can... yada-yada-yada, you know the drill. ^.^
Play Bloons Tower Defense 3 Bloons Tower Defense 3 Dec. 03, 2014
PLEASE make a "adjust quality" feature so people with slower computers can play as effectively. My computer is actually pretty quick, but the lag rendered my in-game efforts entirely useless!
Play Strike Force Heroes 2 Strike Force Heroes 2 Dec. 03, 2014
"Only one sheep was harmed during the making of this game. But it's better now." Ah, JuiceTin, this is why we love you. Cx
Play Mu Complex : Episode One Mu Complex : Episode One Dec. 02, 2014
Just so you know, that was the best flash game I've ever played, and I don't say that lightly. 11/10. :) Fantastic! I'm the biggest complainer in the world, and I got nothing bad to say about this game. Will be spreading this game around like peanut butter. x)