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    A bush.
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    Aug. 10, 2010

PKMN Species-Snivy.
Story-I was just being normal, when this homeless man popped up. He had some kind of knife in his hand. I could have sworn he said ‘’Finally, fresh meat’’. I was scared out of my life when he threw the knife at me. It landed in my shoulder and blood spurted out. That is when serperior popped up. He took the man and threw him for about 50 yards or so. Blood was all over me. I then noticed some people exploring. One of them was a young girl with blonde hair and a green hat..? The other was some little kid. He had some pokemon plushies with him. I heard them say this:

Girl:Ooooh, pookemon….wheeere aaare yoooouuu…..
Kid:Me want me pokemans!
Girl:Oh look! Over there!

Then they walk towards me. As soon as they see me, the kid drops his plushies and screams. I was on the floor with the knife still in my shoulder.

Girl (bianca):What?

’’Bianca’’ walks up towards me. She looks frightened and her hands are on her mouth.

Bianca:OH MY!

I was picked up. I tried struggling out, but it didnt work. I knew i was going to die. Blood trailed the way she walked. She went to a little house on a little town. She went to her bed and torn out the knife. It was extremely painful. The kid was saying things like I WANNA KEEP HIM and PLEEEEAAASE? I was delivered to a lab. The would healed rather quickly,but that lab had the worst abuse. I was stabbed with syringes, and dissected every now and then. I was also accompanied with a Tepig and Oshawott.

That was when i was picked up by a boy. I didnt want to see my fate. I tried running away. I also noticed he wasnt running after me with dangerous stuff. He was peacefully walking towards me with an oran berry. He then kneeled near me, and gave me the oran berry. Then he gently picked me up and carried me to another tiny house.
This boy was actually loving. But that was when he adopted Tepig.
He didnt care about me after that. He gave all the care to Tepig. That was when i couldnt take it anymore. I broke down the window and escaped. I now live deep inside a bush in the woods.

Favorite things:Running around and stuff.

Least favorites:ABUSE

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