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Play Zombo Buster Zombo Buster Sep. 16, 2013
Game too hard? Start clicking on them!
Play Rat Race Rat Race Jul. 09, 2013
Very interseting art game. The car sounds that would indicate when to wake up during sleep was a neat touch. Adding more and making it into a full game is something, but this is nice as an art game. There should be the ability to poop everywhere though.
Play Cowboy vs Ninjas Cowboy vs Ninjas Jun. 09, 2013
Well, I tried it out, and it's a neat little game. It don't think the kill counter is working though. This is kind of a tiny game, with just two kinds of enemies from what I saw. The Idea aiming precisely to get a large combo was good, but there is not a good incentive to play for more than a few minutes, since there is so little variety. If you expanded on the game, there might be something there, but as it is right now, it's not enough to hold my interest.
Developer response from singlecoregames

You are right. It's very first version of the game with minimum components. I wanted to publish game and get some comments in early phase of development. Kill count was working when I tested first but it seems to be broken. I'll fix it as soon as possible. Thanks for your reply. Please play again after update:)

Play Double Rogue Double Rogue Mar. 17, 2013
An interesting idea. Good for 7 days of work.
Play Legendum RPG Alpha0.001 Legendum RPG Alpha0.001 Feb. 05, 2013
Final note: Try something new. If you stress, and try too hard to make your game like other games, it will most assuredly be put off as a rip-off. Take inspiration from other games, and expand in a new way. Hope to see this project receive further development in the (near) future. No rating for now. <3
Play Legendum RPG Alpha0.001 Legendum RPG Alpha0.001 Feb. 05, 2013
Good art, Nice animation, Neat fire. I would say something about how It is quite buggy, I don't really know how attacking works, I assume by clicking, Which needs improvement due to walking also being caused by clicking, or how unfinished the enemy system is, or the map, and how you have to spawn stuff, and there should be a tutorial, and level up notifications, and monster drops, NPCs, Possibly a city hub w/ quests, considering the game style target, and general expansion, however, Theis game is in Alpha 0.001. I have never seen that before, and with that in consideration, It is a nice alpha. I don't think that an alpha SO underdeveloped should be on this site, however, you got a strong base, visually at least, for expansion in the future.
Play Tale of Scale Tale of Scale Feb. 05, 2013
This game takes perspective to a whole new perspective.
Edit: This is a very Luck-based game, which makes it hard to complete, even with all of the upgrades. The fact that the Evil bird absorbs bullets makes it hard to get good combos when It is out, and makes it really hard to defeat. I once killed all 300 birds with one bullet, and still could not kill it. A bullet penetration upgrade would help. My strategy is to always click blue bird, then just wait it out. And that is all you can do to try and win.
Developer response from singlecoregames

I fixed these bugs and tuned game balances a little bit. I made so many silly mistakes. What a shame! I tried to fix it as soon as possible and now I'm developing iOS and Android version of this game with more contents. It'll be uploaded to Kongregate too, so play it again later please. Thanks for your great advices.

Sorry for all the comments, I just like this game and want it to be the best it can be. Ehrm, there does not appear to be a mute button, and the is a crowd of mean people on Kongregate who rate games with no mute buttons poorly. Luckily, I am not one of those people. One last problem I am encountering Is the Evil Bird. If you press the replay button after encountering it, but not defeating it, the evil bird will stay onscreen and absorb shots. I can return to the main menu with the arrow button, and the evil bird will be gone, but it should be cleared when you press replay as well. Hope I have been of some help! 4/5 <3
The game really starts rolling after getting some upgrades. Don't know why penguins don't shoot stuff when they die, but that could be said for the other birds, too. I could see this being turned into a fun App for phones, too. "Happy birds split into three on dead" should be 'death', "pelicans drop one more fishes on dead", should be 'fish' and 'death', "fishes pierce birds" should be 'fish', "make red coin" should be 'coins', "ducks make small explosion on hit" should be "when hit", and thats all the grammer errors, as far as upgrade descriptions go.
The coin counter on the shooting screen should be total coins. Thought I had lost my progress. I like the pixel aesthetic, and I like upgrade games like this, and how you upgrade to work towards a goal. Buy-able upgrades should be highlighted, so i don't have to look through them all. There is little added to the concept of a game where you collect money and buy upgrades, but it i a nice, short little game. Also, the description is missing a 'the' between destroy and evil. 4/5
Play Gray Gray Feb. 03, 2013
I don't feel the need to comment on the game, but I do need to tell you the description makes you sound like a money-grubbing whore. Good day sir. 0/5
Play 72 72 Feb. 03, 2013
I get how I am supposed to play, but not how to progress. Up the stairs, at the fork, go left, follow the corridor to another corridor with doors, passed the 1st 2 to the second two, the door on the right has some glasses. ( things in the game are operated with LMB, not 'E'. with the glasses, you can see the monsters. I continued down the corridor, juking out the monster, but eventually, I looped back around to the fork, and came out the left part that was guarded by a monster, which I went around. Because i died, I would have to start over, so I can't see If there was a way past this point. The Mechanics and the monsters were creepy, but you move too slow, and having not checkpoints make this game tedious. Needs improvement.
Developer response from RatKingsLair

Thanks for the correction! Yeah, it's lacking savepoints, but the game overall is very short. Hint: You don't have to go back to a previous place in the whole game.

Play Doodle Roll Doodle Roll Feb. 03, 2013
Neat Physics game :). I liked the mechanics, and it's good it has a walkthrough. I liked the art style as well. 4/5
Play Survival Island by UGD Survival Island by UGD Feb. 03, 2013
TL;DR: 3/5, kinda empty, short, looks/sounds nice, strange movement, mouse not centered, hope you improve.
Play Survival Island by UGD Survival Island by UGD Feb. 03, 2013
Sorry for the paragraphs.
Play Survival Island by UGD Survival Island by UGD Feb. 03, 2013
Once I got the matches, and I lit the fire, the game was over. Quite short, but as the description says, that's how it's supposed to be. Now, since you say you were learning how to work with unity by making this small game, I can see why it is so short. To Improve: Expand on the Idea. I lit the campfire. what happens next? Whats up with that skull thing? who was living here, and why do they have advanced technology? Please, don't take this as a list of nitpicks I have about this game, but ways you can improve. Now that you know How to work with the engine, come up with some creative ideas, and expand on what you have already. I hope to see stuff by you in the future, as I like unity, and seeing new developers like you is great, as i believe there need to be more adventure games made with the unity engine on Kongregate. I hope some of this helps, and don't take me too seriously. <3
Play Survival Island by UGD Survival Island by UGD Feb. 03, 2013
I had trouble finding the cell behind the house requiring the cells, but that was probably my fault. The shooting mini-game was alright, but it was, really, the most interactive part of the game. It would have been better, too, with the mouse centered in the game, so i can aim without my mouse going off-screen. Entering the three huts, it seems like your head gets stuck on the tops of the doors, slowing you down until you squeeze through. The skull thing on the volcano was creepy, and weird, but kind of out of place, and was the most unique thing on the island, besides trees, houses, and rocks. I went to dive off the volcano, to try and circle back to the start to look for the cell I missed, and getting in the water, swimming was exactly like walking.
Play Survival Island by UGD Survival Island by UGD Feb. 03, 2013
So, I played from start to finish, and it seems to be a good first game in unity. There are some things it lacks, though. The mouse should be centered on the screen and hidden, like most unity games, to avoid clicking off screen, and being a bit less disorienting. The movement is a bit weird, turning while moving sort of keeps momentum, then you stop, then go in the new direction. It should have swift, snappy turns, like most First person games. Your character should walk a bit faster, or there should be a sprint button, because getting lost on the volcano is quite slow-paced. I Liked how the Mission and the objectives were clearly land marked, with houses and the metal thing on the volcano.
Play Glean Glean Jul. 08, 2012
Also, if you teleport, and when you reach your destination, press "Items" before the blue telepoting animation is gone, the blue aura will freeze on the robot untill you teleport again.