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Play Infectonator: Hot Chase Infectonator: Hot Chase Jun. 03, 2014
Oh wow, wait gold from the current run doesnt count towards letting you revive. Gotcha. That wasnt self-explanatory.
Play Infectonator: Hot Chase Infectonator: Hot Chase Jun. 03, 2014
I can't use the "revive" button because every time it says I have no coins. I'm playing on a mac using safari. I'm fine with earning thousands of coins in a run, I just wish I could hit continue sometimes.
Play FPA: World 1 Remix FPA: World 1 Remix May. 29, 2014
Coincidence that the best all-time juggler is the developer? I think not!
Play Wrestle Jump Wrestle Jump May. 12, 2014
Wow. This game is amazing. If you take into consideration (1) The amount of time the developer requires you to spend in order to fully enjoy the game, (2) the sheer entertainment value, and (3) the simplicity, then honestly this is a 10/10.
Play Pause Ahead Pause Ahead Nov. 30, 2013
o_o the boss wasnt hard at all... compared to games like super meat boy, this game was perfect in difficulty. The boss battle is very cunning and really takes smarts to beat. He's so easy if you can multi-task and not only plan out where you are going, but where you have been and where you want to go. A tip for anyone struggling: try running in one direction, turning around and pausing so you go back to the side you came from, and then running in the original direction again. See, it's not as hard as you thought!!
Play Wake Up the Box 2 Wake Up the Box 2 Oct. 08, 2010
Loading 0%---->103%. Lol? This game is so epic that its loading bar is over 9000! Erm... I mean- it's over 100.
Play Wake Up the Box 2 Wake Up the Box 2 Oct. 08, 2010
Once I beat the first Wake Up the Box, I was wishing there was a second one. VERY original, one of my favorite physics/box games. OOO! Another cool feature would be a level editor, and maybe integrate levels into a Wake Up the Box 3!
Play Every 60 seconds Every 60 seconds Oct. 08, 2010
This is possibly the shortest game ever put on kongregate, excluding simple mazes, test games, walkthroughs, etc. It's almost an art to make a game that is so short. It probably took me oh... 5 to 10 minutes tops to beat the game :) Just a suggestion- You should prevent right-clicking, if it's possible. I would say that before you start the game you have a red warning message that says "Right-clicking disqualifies your try!," and if someone right clicks it takes them to the try again screen. When I started, I was right clicking and moving to a different spot to avoid boxes just to earn a few extra seconds, but when I beat it on try 11, I only lost 1 life. Size is more important than lives, just FYI.
Play ReflexION ReflexION Sep. 23, 2010
Pwong Invaders. Nuff said.
Play iZZi iZZi Sep. 23, 2010
I think there should be a medium badge for getting all of the in-game badges, and/or an easy badge for 15 levels completed.
Play Refraction Refraction Sep. 17, 2010
Original. Could use some better graphics, but it's a great game!
Play Billy's Big Adventure 2 Billy's Big Adventure 2 Sep. 17, 2010
RESPAWN. 'nuff said. Make more games.
Play Epic Battle Fantasy 3 Epic Battle Fantasy 3 Sep. 15, 2010
I found a glitch: If you talk to someone that has a conversation with Matt/Natalie/Lance, then open the menu while a M/N/L text box is open, the text goes away. Then, close the menu and talk to someone besides that person who you were talking to. I'll let you see what it says when you try it.
Play Epic Battle Fantasy 3 Epic Battle Fantasy 3 Sep. 15, 2010
Name: Sandworm. Level: 25. Type: Giant Penis. Lol!
Play Epic Battle Fantasy 3 Epic Battle Fantasy 3 Sep. 13, 2010
At least Epic Battle Fantasy 3 is not storing all 24MB on your computer permanently, thus you have to wait for it all to re-load every time you shut down and turn your computer back on. Fortunately, I put my computer on standby :)
Play Epic Battle Fantasy 3 Epic Battle Fantasy 3 Sep. 11, 2010
Just a minor suggestion- you should allow the viewing of a monster's stats without having to click an attack and then hover over the "?" mark by them. I suggest that the question mark is always there, and/or add an option to turn on/off the permanant ? mark. You could make the option appear the first time you use Lance's Scan ability, and have a note saying where to turn on/off the option. Thanks! + if you agree!
Play Master of Fortresses Master of Fortresses Aug. 28, 2010
Logistics Genius easy tip: Play as French Vs British and keep setting up culverin cannons. 1- Place the first 2 cannons in line with where the first cannon was in the Tutorial (check tutorial if nessecary), except put them to the far right and left walls of the choke point. Then, put 2 Gendarmes in front of the 2 cannons. 2- Then place 2 more to the north of the first 2 cannons, but leave a 1 space gap between the 2 cannons and the first cannons, and bring the cannons to the center of the choke hold (so there is a gap on the edges). 3- Place 3 cannons directly north of the second 2 cannons so that the 3 cannons stick out 1 square to the right and left behind your second cannons. If you are confused, check the picture on my profile. Later on I added cannons facing leftwards at the bottom-rightish section of the screen, and a row of soldiers in front of them.
Play Chrome Wars Chrome Wars Aug. 19, 2010
After you put 30-40 points in precision, go for Agility to max out your crit chance. That way, when you charge you'll have about a 100% change to hit them AND crit it. I have yet to spend points on Grits.
Play Heir Heir Aug. 19, 2010
The music is great, but i'm hearing this high pitched-ish screech during chapter 2 and 3. If there are more chapters it is likely to be in them.
Play Hit The Jackpot 2 Hit The Jackpot 2 Aug. 15, 2010
The only downside about this game is that it is almost impossible to get onto the player's table. It's already filled with almost-perfect scores. I got 1050 on my second world cup, but I think the guys with 2150+ are shooting in under 2 seconds and hitting almost all 10's.