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Play Mind of Me Mind of Me Jul. 16, 2012
nice one ...........
Play Sheep Feast Sheep Feast Mar. 02, 2012
Fun Game
Play aRunner aRunner May. 18, 2011
Play the same game in your android. why?this is developed for android/iphone in mind market link:
Play aRunner aRunner May. 15, 2011
@quest100 thanks for your comment,really u have some killer ideas,if i turn this into commerical game ,i will put all your elements,atpresent my resources are limited.
Play aRunner aRunner May. 14, 2011
@deadlyboom i did this game in 3 nights,and kongregate will does not have any limitations to publish a game. this game is just for fun,not to make money
Play Save Toshi Save Toshi Apr. 02, 2011
superb game
Play Bird Hunt Bird Hunt Mar. 24, 2011
i can easily kill people in call of duty or any other fps games .in those games i never felt sorry for them ,but here this bird dying sound makes me feel bad :( 5/5 ,man
Play SRL SRL Mar. 19, 2011
say hello with name ,look's awsome
Play x-racers x-racers Mar. 06, 2011
nitrous key has been changed to , any of the keys of "left shift " or "right shift" or "right control" or "Z
Play Just car Just car Mar. 01, 2011
this is just a small setup ,where i learned unity ,and enjoyed my self driving around ,when ever i stuck in development of x-racers. no updates are planned .........just roam around
Play Frog Fall Frog Fall Feb. 28, 2011
pretty fun game
Play Just car Just car Feb. 24, 2011
this little thing is having lot of plays than orginal game ,funny :)
Play Helichopter Helichopter Feb. 16, 2011
great work man
Play x-racers x-racers Feb. 16, 2011
Car Steering Sensivity is added in menu's. and nitrous power boost is also increased
Play Age Of Wind Age Of Wind Feb. 11, 2011
plz add WASD keys also
Play Save Toshi Save Toshi Feb. 07, 2011
it's funny :)
Play Just car Just car Feb. 01, 2011
@khanstruct this is what im working on i Uploaded this because ,i want people to enjoy ,what i did while learning