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Play My RPG My RPG Aug. 21, 2013
The graphics are obvious color-overs, but at least the people are actual people with smooth walk cycles and not black blocks sliding around the place. The scene transitions are smooth, so consider adding more scenes with enemies, even if you can't do the interactions right now. Stretch the positives out as far as they will go before uploading again.
Play Give me that D Give me that D Aug. 21, 2013
This game has potential, but it's kinda just sitting there in a dark corner, covered in crap. Add clear instructions, a goal, better graphics and some sound to make your D searching adventure more entertaining!
Play Logo Quiz Logo Quiz Apr. 19, 2013
:/ You should really point out that this is not the game, but the cheat sheet. It's really misleading and all around disappointing.
Play Baby Happy Yard Baby Happy Yard Apr. 19, 2013
Play Dress a Kitten! Dress a Kitten! Apr. 19, 2013
This is just what I expected!
Play Fat Slice Fat Slice Mar. 18, 2011
does this remind anyone else of filler??? btw good game 5/5
Play Picma Picma Jul. 01, 2010
if you want badges rate 5. the average has to be 4.10+ at some point or another to get badges.
Play Stop smiling! :D Stop smiling! :D Jun. 25, 2010
for your first game this is great
Play Evolution Evolution May. 01, 2010
yup, the melody of linkin park's numb plays clearly in the background. awesome game. 5/5