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Jan 10, 2016 6:26pm

chewing popcorn I’m proud of her. Please help her live life to the fullest and bless her in her chosen field. Now, you’re on the clock. In 9 minutes something will make you happy. Please share this with 15 girls you love. Remember, only for girls. If I don’t get this back I’m obviously not a close friend. Now, I have a game for you, it’s been playe…

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klemen702 Jan 12, 2016 5:13am

LOL? What are you doing? Also sorry if i don’t talk to you much.

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Dec 28, 2014 6:16am

Klemen got any other NW friends here? :D

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klemen702 Dec 28, 2014 6:18am


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Mahsaad_500 Dec 28, 2014 6:22am


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Oct 26, 2014 8:44am


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klemen702 Oct 27, 2014 2:36pm

Hmm ok, but i don’t think i am gonna join, i am just not sure about it.

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Jun 11, 2014 9:04am

can u share the guide for hats

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klemen702 Jun 12, 2014 6:02am

um….. what? Hats in what? Why do you got to random pepole you don’t know and ask them stuff……

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Dec 30, 2013 5:23am

1337 points o_O

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Jul 29, 2013 11:31am

Level 10 :D oh i’ts been a long time here on kong and i finaly got it :DDDD ( tommorow 30 is my birthday :DDDDDD )