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Play Dangerous adventure Dangerous adventure Jun. 07, 2014
The chests irritate me to no end: they're randomly generated, and a lot of times, it simply isn't possible to get the matches required to open them.
Play The Enchanted Cave The Enchanted Cave Nov. 15, 2013
Great. I made it to floor 93 and died. So I start back at floor 79. No problem, right? Except that most of my gear wasn't artifacts, so I'm screwed. I can't clear two floors without dying again.
Play Paladog Paladog Sep. 03, 2013
This is basically a more cartoonish Epic War clone. And it doesn't have a lot of the features (the ability to make units fall back, for example).
Play Flight Flight Aug. 21, 2013
This game keeps crashing the Flash plugin. Firefox 23.0.1, Flash 11.8.800.94.
Play Picma Picma Aug. 13, 2013
A great game until you get to the grandmaster levels. Even fully zoomed out, you can't work with the larger boards unless you move them around. But moving them is clunky, since the game pauses if your mouse pointer leaves it. The numbers also tend to get in the way, and the color can be hard to make out over squares that are already filled.
Play Little Wheel Little Wheel Aug. 07, 2013
Not bad. As short as it is, it's very well done.