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Play DMT Trip MMO DMT Trip MMO Sep. 28, 2014
Play Monster Rush Monster Rush Jul. 08, 2014
Developer response from SaulO9


Play The Never-Ending Button Lovefest The Never-Ending Button Lovefest Mar. 14, 2014
This is a revoluationary eddition to the kognrigate website. this game is changing what games is and is next gen storyline and will many have hours of gameing challenge. Very aggressive good video amusement devices yes?
B­itch I do what I want.
Play Just Trolling Just Trolling Aug. 28, 2013
Downvote if you hate bacon
Play Just Trolling Just Trolling Aug. 07, 2013
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Play Just Trolling Just Trolling Jun. 24, 2013
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Play Just Trolling Just Trolling Jun. 24, 2013
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Play Line Simulator Line Simulator May. 09, 2013
do you have .mp3 download for in game music?
Play Anonymous Messages Anonymous Messages Apr. 22, 2013
this game lags up my computer too much. fix this.
Developer response from BugGames

im sorry about that kngrgte...can i know on what browser you played? and what is the specs of your computer? cause we test out on most computer and browser and it works pretty well... Thanks for the feedback---------UPDATE: (Ver 1.5.1) is out now…fixed the low FPS issue on some low CPU/GPU laptops…

Play Just Trolling Just Trolling Feb. 17, 2013
Now I can talk to all my coworkers about all the facts I learned about black history month! Thanks!
Play Just Trolling Just Trolling Jan. 30, 2013
My video card can't handle the graphics in this game. Please fix this issue.
Play Factory Balls Factory Balls Nov. 21, 2012
Music is Trentemøller - Nightwalker?
Play Dim Sum Tactics Dim Sum Tactics Oct. 16, 2012
Why spam with randomly generated names to advertise game? 1 star earned.
Developer response from babelbat

we apologize . they're not randomly generated but are accounts of two of our developers. we needed a bit of traffic for bug testing purposes

Play Just Trolling Just Trolling Sep. 12, 2012
hi game wont load for me pls fix
Play Dragon Knight Dragon Knight Jul. 13, 2012
First lolololo
Play Burrito Bison Revenge Burrito Bison Revenge Feb. 28, 2012
this version sucks
Play Treasure of Cutlass Reef Treasure of Cutlass Reef Sep. 15, 2011
This game is awful, how the hell did it get badges?
Play Pandemic 2 Pandemic 2 Sep. 14, 2011
When I watched Contagion, I couldn't stop thinking about this game.
Play The Idle RPG The Idle RPG Sep. 13, 2011
there should be a 'save' button