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Play Habla Kadabla Habla Kadabla Dec. 14, 2014
The fortune teller's sign... Noa Sees All.... NSA.... XD
Play OFFS3T game OFFS3T game Feb. 14, 2014
Ugh cannot find the left placement for the black and white river level...
Play Alice is Dead - Ep 1 Alice is Dead - Ep 1 Oct. 05, 2013
How can he not figure out that he's a rabbit? He can't feel the fur and ears? Love it. 5/5
Play Raven Crime Raven Crime Oct. 05, 2013
Only saw a chance between two endings, both yielded the same end cut scene. 3/5
Play Kingdom of Liars 3 Kingdom of Liars 3 Sep. 12, 2013
Loved the unlockable Alice is Dead easter egg
Developer response from Hyptosis

I'm glad you liked it! :D Thank you for playing my game.

Play Myosotis Chapter 2 Myosotis Chapter 2 Jun. 19, 2012
Great game. and forget about what others are saying about a mute button. They need to learn how to deal with their computer's speakers.
Play Sagittarian 4: Berger Sagittarian 4: Berger Jun. 19, 2012
Awesome as usual
Play Clear Vision 5 Clear Vision 5 May. 24, 2012
He had the Sniper cause that's what he used to do. He tried the janitor job to "go clean". Obciously, it didn't work.
Play Hood Episode 3 Hood Episode 3 Apr. 21, 2012
I hope the little imp he caught was the "CANDY" one. I hated that creepy little thing.
Play Squares and Blades Squares and Blades Mar. 30, 2012
First time I ever beat it just now. Played it at least 30 times. Only lost one guy this time... the monk in the beginning.
Play MARDEK RPG: Chapter 3 MARDEK RPG: Chapter 3 Mar. 02, 2012
Craziest person is hands down Bolstom, but as a total character, Legion might be tied with the Old Hermit.
Play MARDEK RPG: Chapter 3 MARDEK RPG: Chapter 3 Dec. 17, 2011
First off, props to Pseudolonewolf for his mind. With all of the clever prose, descriptions, and especially all of the haikus, it could not have been easy. I speak for all of us when I say, thank you. Secondly, if you would all go to his website, you would know that the Mardek series is postponed while Miasma is in the works. That, I can't wait for.
Play Hex Empire Hex Empire Dec. 17, 2011
Here's a tip: Make a pact with the group that is closest to your own. As you send troops either east or west, make sure you build up plenty of firepower back home. When the two on the other side are gone, go straight for the capital.
Play MARDEK RPG: Chapter 3 MARDEK RPG: Chapter 3 Dec. 13, 2011
I only said I wanted more legs... How does that make me a terrorist?
Play pokemon quiz pokemon quiz Nov. 25, 2011
This quiz is a disgrace to Pokemon.
Play Miasma Story Miasma Story Nov. 23, 2011
Good idea for the game, just work on how the game actually works.
Play Hood Episode 2 Hood Episode 2 Nov. 18, 2011
Did anyone see a jail cell in the fish at all? No wonder Grandmother escaped...
Play Hood Episode 2 Hood Episode 2 Nov. 18, 2011
So as far as I can tell, the fish is "Grandma's sick bed", the shade/demon knowledge is "the basket of goodies". The imps obviously can't tell the difference between a father with his back turned from a sword-weilding killer wolf. Also, the imps might be the prison guards, turned savage after this time?
Play Pirates of the Undead Sea Pirates of the Undead Sea Nov. 18, 2011
Bukit. As in kick the bukit. As in he is only a foot. Hahahahahahaha
Play MARDEK RPG: Chapter 3 MARDEK RPG: Chapter 3 Oct. 15, 2011
For an idea, why not put all unused characters at the Heroes Den location when they're not in the party? You could still get they're input and it's as good a base as any.