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Play Sky Quest Sky Quest Oct. 26, 2014
add me as a friend
Play Forgotten Dungeon 2 Forgotten Dungeon 2 Jun. 18, 2013
Really easy one playing as an archer. Get 50k, buy green bow as soon as possible, then put 1 point in "Ring arrow", the rest into "Power up", run around and spam Ring arrow (as you can cast in while moving). Easy win against any monster + health/mana steal from your bow make you unbeatable. At lvl 10+ put few points into piercing arrow = easy win against any boss.
Play Dungelot Dungelot Dec. 09, 2012
Game bug: vampire killing last monster in arena with his "Bat Rush" skill became stuck - the door was not opened and the chest didn't came out, so had to refresh 2) after leaving arena i had fire mage and 3 enemies alive, but firemage was not attacking them, telling "this is fire mage, find an enemy and he will attack him"
Play Galaxy Gambit Beta Galaxy Gambit Beta Oct. 15, 2012
(i've lost my saves, so i can't provide you with spell names)
Play Galaxy Gambit Beta Galaxy Gambit Beta Oct. 15, 2012
Yes, i've opened every map, but skipped some of them, because my level was either too high or too low :D My suggestions: 1. Nerf skill that restores targets full health and power, as it restores full power to its user too 2. Remove crystal creating skill. In combine with full targets power resotore you are able to create unlimited amount of crystals (create crystal, restore targets power, create crystal, restore power) 3. Skills that alow you to attack several time in a round become overpowered in mid game. 3/4 enemies are killed at 1st round using these skills, then mass energy restore and kill the rest. 4. Inplement crystal cost increase for every round, or limit number of uses for special skills to stop exp/crystal farming in the beggining of the game.
Developer response from jaykyburz

Thanks for the notes. I will implement a a buch of this.

Play Galaxy Gambit Beta Galaxy Gambit Beta Oct. 15, 2012
Ok. My current squad is: Tycho Hactas, Charro Terro, Necto Aruha, Creto Cacius, every member lvl 16+. With this squad i kill any enemy in 1-3 rounds, so i never drop in crystals, currently i have over 20k crystals and 800 credits. So what shall i do to complete the game?
Developer response from jaykyburz

wow awesome. Have you completed each map at least once?