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Sep 21, 2014 12:52pm

I am new to creating flash games, kind of, and i am looking for some help. Would you mind taking some time out of your busy days to teach me a few things? I have Flash CS5 and am somewhat familiar with functions and even a little coding.

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Lwolfbane Oct 20, 2014 3:43am


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arcmegga Mar 17, 2015 1:36am

That’s kinda rude there…

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FarelQuesada 16 hours ago


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May 23, 2015 6:51pm

if Phyrnna avaible in BH 2 & EBF 5,is there another hero (boy/girl) with class spearman(mastered at spears weapon),or modern assasin ?(kind like lance,but with nice tools…)

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LucasU10 1 day ago


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FarelQuesada 1 day ago

update maybe this will helpfull,i think,Brie (boy) is a spearman which hate nature and crybaby…then the modern assasin (girl) Katrin,the Lance,s great teamwork,also,Lance is her general,of cours…

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LucasU10 22 hours ago

Yes, I think everyone would find interesting a spearman or modern killer: D

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1 day ago

‘’Once upon a time,when the godcat living in her new home (if i am not forgot and fail,that was created by her mother,i think) the four young hero,celebrated too much the party in Greenwood Village,the next day,the 2 young hero,Brie the Spearman which hate the nature and Katrin the blue-haired girl with a pistol with knife bullets &…

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FarelQuesada 18 hours ago

eh..forget it…

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1 day ago

hey kupo, i LOVE the EBF series and actually plaing the second one now, i was wondering if there was by any chance a way to download the games for free? i dident see any download link in-game

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FarelQuesada 1 day ago

Good idea

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Fluffybombs 21 hours ago

There are lots of ways to download flash games, the real question is: will the save files work?

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May 22, 2015 7:12pm

are you gonna make a epic battle fantasy 5 :)

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May 8, 2015 6:04am

Hey… If you are gonna ever develop a fifth game for the main Epic Battle Fantasy series, then some of the features you have to consider is a customizable protagonist, job classes and side quests other than the item-trading type. You might credit me if this idea will come up.

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jooe15 May 13, 2015 9:32pm

it will be a few years — they are working on bullet heaven 2 right now

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Shakalala May 18, 2015 4:22am

Having your own hero wouldn’t really fit the game settings…. I mean, we’ve been using the same characters for most of the games, adding your own would be stupid I think….

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jooe15 May 18, 2015 7:16pm

A new character will be released next game, Phyrnna. Look her up!

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May 13, 2015 3:17am

Kupo your game is so terrifically awesome and please make the Fifth game is the only an epic game here on kongregate and can’t wait to play it!

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May 2, 2015 11:47am

I just got an idea… EBF Idle… Who else thinks he should make that?

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DisasterFish May 12, 2015 3:46pm

The way idle games are booming now…that could work.

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BlitzWolfer346 May 12, 2015 4:03pm

Hey what’s up DisasterFish

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May 11, 2015 9:44pm

i love epic battle fantasy all games

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May 11, 2015 5:19pm


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Apr 23, 2015 8:45pm

When are you releasing BH2 this year? Late July?

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Paratroopa123 May 2, 2015 11:47am

He stopped working on it for a bit. He’s making monster sketches for EBF 5 now. Hopefully it’ll be released soon.

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Apr 30, 2015 9:51pm

are you going to make a epic battle fantasy 5?

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jooe15 May 2, 2015 12:09am

From what I hear he will — but he is working on Bullet Heaven 2, so it will be quite awhile till it comes out, as I’m pretty sure he hasn’t even started working on it.

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Apr 8, 2015 10:17am

any idea why I can’t continue playing “Adventure Story”? it makes me start from the bengining each time.

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AdamHariszBestG Apr 28, 2015 1:05am

Check your cookies and stuff related to saves. I’m pretty sure some apps like CCleaner [maybe that’s its name] can delete cookies

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Apr 13, 2015 4:46am

i wonder where he got the ideas to make these awesome games

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Jun 1, 2012 8:44pm

Jeez, it’s just a battle test that’s in beta testing right now.

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mrodas776 Apr 12, 2015 10:53am


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Apr 10, 2015 12:59pm

*epic *fantasy

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Apr 10, 2015 12:59pm

kupo707,vc poderia fazer uma versão dos epic batle fasy 1-3 em portugues?é dificil botar os chats no goolgle tradutor porque demora uma vida!

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Apr 9, 2015 11:57pm

I’m also a huge fan of your games! I even bought the steam version of Epic Battle Fantasy 4 to show some support, hope to see more from you kupo707!

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Apr 6, 2015 11:20pm

Since I don’t want to do all the stuff I need to do to post a comment on kupogames, I’ll just leave a shout about BH 2… I know it was posted a while ago, but with the spiderbee bonus boss – You said “I have mixed the most horrifying aspects of the spider and bee, so you may never sleep again. You’re welcome.̶…

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Apr 6, 2015 4:40pm

Ahoy! One word I must say: Yer games (specifically Epic Battle Fantasy) are cool.

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Apr 6, 2015 2:34am

I really like your games, followed you since EBF3 and man, you are awesome and famous. As I saw you on deviantart I looked at all the pictures etc. and always read most of the comments on the first 2 pages. Somehow I stopped (Oops) and then whenever a game is out I play it. You are THAT famous that I even found EBF 3 on a chinese game website BEFOR…

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0zer01 Apr 6, 2015 2:35am

within *after it (both in the 3rd line)

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Mar 12, 2015 3:59pm

can you make a game called Ganeevs village and where do you live

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0zer01 Apr 6, 2015 2:27am

why Ganeevs and I remember saying his location on kupo707.deviantart.org/gallery (or com-look at credits if I gave you the wrong link

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Mar 14, 2015 10:10am

As a fan of your games and bullet hell games I would like to be able to beta test BH2,is there any requirements for being one when you do recruit some?

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0zer01 Apr 6, 2015 2:26am

actually, you need an E-mail adress. Am a beta tester of one of the famous games (published sonn so I think I may not say the name? dunno) and he just wanted my E-mail adress to contact me to which si…

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Mar 16, 2015 7:48am

did that music from ebf made u kupo?

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0zer01 Apr 6, 2015 2:23am

HFX made it in EBF 3 and 4,for the others look at it, or did you never pressed a Credit buttom before?

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Jan 8, 2015 7:21am

When are you going to do the Online, Multiplayer, “MMO” version of EBF ? EBF Online

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arcmegga Mar 17, 2015 1:28am

Never. An online game is very hard to do:
There’s lag.
Servers to pay for.
he would lose money making it… unless pay to win, which no one will play.

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0zer01 Apr 6, 2015 2:22am

Actually he wouldn’t lose money if he would make it full of ingame ads and ingame stuff which you can buy through money, but then the game would be similar to the others…. On the other way…

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