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Play Blob's Story Blob's Story Jul. 09, 2013
Essentially cut the rope. But good nonetheless. Besides its getting two nice blobs together instead of feeding some dinosaur thing. I like.
Play CycloManiacs 2 CycloManiacs 2 May. 06, 2012
How do you "invert"?
Play Pretentious Game Pretentious Game Apr. 26, 2012
Ouch, that killed me a little inside..
Play Kingdom Rush Kingdom Rush Dec. 26, 2011
maybe an endless mode?
Play Pixel Legions Pixel Legions Nov. 04, 2011
Wargod, you can pick your color, go to options
Play Haunt the House Haunt the House Jul. 22, 2011
woman: OH MY GOD, that floating plant is on fire!! Ah, I'll just stand here and continue my pointless conversation.
Play Epic war Epic war Jul. 20, 2011
The enemy runs out of minions after awhile..
Play Madness Next-Gen 3 Madness Next-Gen 3 Jul. 19, 2011
very awkward controls in my opinion
Play Penguin Overlords Penguin Overlords Jul. 19, 2011
biggest downside: incredibly stupid AI for the penguins..
Developer response from Xdragonx10

Give them a break, they're not the smartest creatures in the world. One crazy one even thinks it can learn to fly.

Play Anti-Idle: The Game Anti-Idle: The Game Jul. 16, 2011
aw, bring back the house!!
Play Amorphous+ Amorphous+ Jul. 04, 2011
they way awards and beastiary are set up, it almost feels like a sequel already. good job! 5/5
Play Balloon in a Wasteland Balloon in a Wasteland Jun. 05, 2011
is it just me or are part of the shedule missing?
Play K.O.L.M. K.O.L.M. Dec. 21, 2010
How do you get back up from the green area?
Play Bloons Tower Defense 4 Bloons Tower Defense 4 Nov. 30, 2010
every once in awhile cannon/ missles dont actually explode. I think the bloons still pop as if they did but even the visual glitch is weird
Play Monster Slayers Monster Slayers Oct. 13, 2010
@ ryboiii priests are better because they can also heal but same basic idea yea, 3 or 4 priests and a good warrior is great
Play Deep Diver Deep Diver Aug. 05, 2010
If u go to the surface it refills your O2 tanks, + if this helps at all