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Play AdVenture Capitalist AdVenture Capitalist Apr. 29, 2015
This game has devolved from truly enjoyable to strictly "pay for play." Way to go...
Play Holyday City Holyday City Apr. 29, 2015
I wanna start by saying I love the game and I gave it a 5/5. But I've been playing a while and the fact that the atomic lab and fruit becomes somewhat insignificant after a while seems strange. Maybe you guys can scale it differently or create more upgrade for those resources. Either way, love the game!
Play Holyday City Holyday City Apr. 25, 2015
After playing AdVenture Capitalist for so long, I can't tell you how nice it is to play a game where the devs actually care about what the people say and respond to their comments. Its like having an abusive boyfriend, breaking up with him and then finding a good man. Thank you for being that good man, HolyDay.
Developer response from HolydayStudios

Thanks a lot for the good words kydefa :) We are gamers and we give what we want to receive as gamers :)

Play AdVenture Capitalist AdVenture Capitalist Apr. 20, 2015
For those who are disheartened by the crappy, money drain called the moon expansion, you should play HolyDay City. Imagine the original AdVenture Capitalist with more features and no need to spend money.
Play Holyday City Holyday City Apr. 18, 2015
Would it be possible to add a box that asks you if you're sure you want to make that purchase, specifically with materials? There have been a couple times where I misclicked and purchased an upgrade I didn't want. Also, love the game! Keep up with the good work!
Play AdVenture Capitalist AdVenture Capitalist Apr. 15, 2015
Why can't we see how much money per second each thing gives on the moon, like on earth?
Play AdVenture Capitalist AdVenture Capitalist Mar. 28, 2015
What a scam?! We spent our kreds on Earth power-ups, not knowing they would be totally useless on the moon. Does no one else find this completely unethical?
Play Sky Quest Sky Quest Oct. 24, 2014
I dont know if anyone else has this problem, but everytime I start the game the first battle doesn't end and I have to quit the battle.
Play Crystal Story II Crystal Story II Nov. 20, 2013
I have the souleater weapon (drains HP) but it never seems to actually drain HP. Am I missing something?
Play Epic Battle Fantasy 4 Epic Battle Fantasy 4 Mar. 08, 2013
One comment. It seems a little unfair that the enemy gets to go when you kill the last guy in a wave with a counterattack or poison. It feels like you're being punished for it. I love the game though. 5/5
Play Outernauts Outernauts Feb. 26, 2013
@botany101 Obviously I understand that this isn't pokemon... It doesn't mean its a bad idea.
Play Outernauts Outernauts Feb. 25, 2013
What is so bad about the idea of TMs?
Play Outernauts Outernauts Feb. 25, 2013
It would be really cool if you could get TMs (like in pokemon) or something that lets you teach your beasts moves that they otherwise wouldn't learn.
Play Outernauts Outernauts Feb. 16, 2013
hey devs, great game! One suggestion though. Right now, there's no way to go back once you've selected a move. Could you add a way to go back?
Play Outernauts Outernauts Feb. 12, 2013
Hey devs, its kind of difficult to find a specific alliance the way you have it set up now. It would be awesome you could make it so that we can directly search an alliance instead of constantly refreshing the page.
Play Outernauts Outernauts Feb. 10, 2013
Anyone else unable to type in alliance message box?
Play Outernauts Outernauts Feb. 01, 2013
Please gift claws! We all need them in order to get rarer beasts!
Play Outernauts Outernauts Feb. 01, 2013
Guys, if you can, please gift claws. Claws are an ingredient in crafting ancient sigils (which help improve the chance of hatching a rarer beast when breeding) and they are very difficult to come by in the wild. Thanks!
Play Outernauts Outernauts Jan. 16, 2013
Great game. Can't help but notice the arena challenges get very laggy.
Play Outernauts Outernauts Jan. 11, 2013
Love the game. Just one comment. 1) Is there a way to go back when your picking your move? Like, if you're in a 2v2 battle and you choose a move for your first beast but want to go back, can you do that? If not, you should add that.