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Play no-one has to die. no-one has to die. Apr. 25, 2013
feels like a cross between ever17 and steins gate, though more the former.
Play Second Person Shooter Zato Second Person Shooter Zato Dec. 14, 2011
Ugh i got mild but cumulative motion sickness. Besides that, I feel like I'm repeatedly lining myself up for an upper cut.
Play Bullet Heaven Bullet Heaven Jun. 27, 2011
Wow what a epicly fun game....I was suprised how many bullets you could get on screen without lagging flash out. I don't like the idea of having to redo so many stages to get them all to A, but I guess it's not obnoxiously tedious or anything. Survival Wave 107 (or 108 is it) I have no idea how to beat. I wish I had looked at the top comments earlier: Turning off Bullet Glow Effect makes all the difference.
Play Bullet Heaven Bullet Heaven Jun. 26, 2011
Let's see how far "normal" difficulty level touhou skills can get me...
Play Classic Hashi Light Vol 1 Classic Hashi Light Vol 1 Mar. 17, 2011
Man this is fun as hell.
Play Sarah's Run (preview) Sarah's Run (preview) Dec. 28, 2010
The gameplay and game itself is awesome, but after 4 levels my fps/third person view dizzyness kicked in, and I was tasting metal in my mouth :(
Play Armed with Wings 3 Armed with Wings 3 Nov. 18, 2010
Play Battle of Britain: 303 Squadron Battle of Britain: 303 Squadron Jul. 28, 2010
needs checkpoint, but otherwise a stunning historical game.
Play Darkness 2 Darkness 2 Jul. 25, 2010
when the red paint started I almost shat bricks
Play ShellCore Command: Skirmish ShellCore Command: Skirmish Jun. 23, 2010
First impression after seeing this for 30 seconds: YES! A SHIP RPG! YES!
Play Red Red Jun. 16, 2010
572 seconds Give me my life back
Play Loved Loved Jun. 15, 2010
An intresting game, it didn't come across as good or bad, just different. In that respect it was quite a well thought out game. Cheers to the maker.
Play Async Racing Async Racing May. 15, 2010
Epic game, It's funny when you race a map twice and end up racing against your self
Play Shootorial #4 Shootorial #4 Mar. 21, 2010
@1ashl ya if you set the delay for enemyspawns to "0", you'd get 30/second :P
Play SteamBirds SteamBirds Mar. 19, 2010
it gets decreasingly fun as the game goes on, started pretty great though. It basically boils down to abusing the enemy ship/ai for the win. Not the funnest. 4/5
Play Hexcelle Hexcelle Mar. 18, 2010
this game...is pretty dam hard. But it is a good game
Play Enigmata 2: Genu's Revenge Enigmata 2: Genu's Revenge Mar. 16, 2010
The gameplay is not bad, but I found the ship movement to be a bit over the top, at least for a starting ship. Good job on the gradiants for the projectiles, they look great. The game could use a bit of organization in it's layout. Overall, still a great game. (5/5)
Play VVVVVV Demo VVVVVV Demo Feb. 23, 2010
imo there are many better games that you can play for free. I wouldn't buy this.
Play Electric Box Electric Box Feb. 06, 2010
and 15 was annoying, but easier. Fun game 5/5.
Play Electric Box Electric Box Feb. 06, 2010
Ugh 14 was about twice as hard as 13