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Play Soul Tax Soul Tax Apr. 08, 2013
the game to have configurable difficulty settings. Set the difficulty to easy to get rid of the time limit. The problem with not having a timer at all is that it greatly limits level design options. If you aren’t restricted by a time limit, then in a lot of levels you don’t need to use any particular strategy at all. For example, if you’ve gotten to the “Shower of Money” level, you could easily beat the level just by possessing each character on the side of the tower and walking off, when the more interesting solution is to use the CEO to vomit money off the sides of the tower. Having a time limit forces the player to figure out that solution, rather than going for the obvious, but boring solution. That said, I understand that people want to be able to mess around without a time limit. So now you can do that! Thanks for the feedback everyone, it is really appreciated!
Play 1066 1066 Apr. 03, 2013
sequel please
Play 1066 1066 Apr. 03, 2013
Being a strategy-gamer, I had to rate this game highly for its superbly intricate strategy gameplay. Hell, even if you find Ancient History a bit drab, you can't help but find wonder in the "splatter-for-color" art themes and "hero" units. Best of all, it gives you a nice lesson about the Battle of Hastings in a historically accurate storyline (History buffs rejoice!). 5/5
Play Red Crucible 2 Red Crucible 2 Apr. 02, 2013
who like dogs?
Play CS Portable CS Portable Apr. 02, 2013
Play CS Portable CS Portable Feb. 06, 2013
Play Bloons TD 5 Bloons TD 5 Feb. 01, 2013
Play Burrito Bison Revenge Burrito Bison Revenge Feb. 01, 2013