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Play Mud and Blood 2 Mud and Blood 2 Jun. 08, 2012
right there is humanity's stupidity
Play Morningstar Morningstar Apr. 21, 2012
* goes to captain* fffffuuuu!!!!!!!!
Play Lab of the Dead Lab of the Dead Feb. 22, 2012
day 14 it took me two weeks of throwing a stick at my zombie to find out he wants to kill me with it
Play Dead Planet HD Dead Planet HD Feb. 22, 2012
make the cracks more visible
Play BETA Sector BETA Sector Jan. 27, 2012
make an update lower health = bloodier screen
Play Outpost:Haven Outpost:Haven Jan. 26, 2012
overall good game just make regen health on sequel ok
Play Zombie Outbreak 2 Zombie Outbreak 2 Jan. 22, 2012
add armor upgrade
Play The Infinite Ocean The Infinite Ocean Sep. 18, 2011
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