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Play Relic Of War Relic Of War Mar. 29, 2015
When will the creators of these games learn that upgrades should be something grindable? Getting stars or medals that are a limited resource is not fun, sure it adds a strategic value early on, but ultimately grinding is its work for its own reward, if we choose to grind out and skip that strategy, we have no right to complain about the ease... but it should be an option atleast.
Play Witch Hunt Witch Hunt Feb. 08, 2015
Perfect turret style game. Upgrades and several options for them, the ability to actually grind for said things, autofire, (the worst trend in turret/tower defense games is the you earn stars on a mission, thus for, wherever you are, thats where you are, you cant grind to level up at all, which you fix perfectly!And the autofire makes those of us on a laptop able to actually function and play, so, hats off to you, the best turret defense game ever!
Play Hook Hook Oct. 18, 2014
The game was perfect right up until it quit being a puzzle and started being a timing thing...
Play Sports Heads Basketball Championship Sports Heads Basketball Championship Aug. 28, 2014
tony parker over tim duncan?
Play Top Defense Top Defense Aug. 28, 2014
Game would be infinately better if it had a way to grind upgrade points.
Play Swarmage Swarmage Jul. 16, 2014
Autofire, that is all
Play Dangerous adventure Dangerous adventure Jun. 10, 2014
quality options, seriously. I enjoy the game, I will play through it, but its losing a star for lagggggggg. I would suggest dropping the little after image from the weapons, because the wizard and the archer dont have them, and their attacks dont lag nearly as bad. Also the little afterimage from the balls would help I think. Im not a programmer, just an observer, but these are the things I see from my end that seem to be slowing it down.
Play Kill the Heroes Kill the Heroes Mar. 05, 2014
did you steal the soundtrack from how its made?
Play Ashtaria Ashtaria Jan. 28, 2014
the graphics are nice and spiffy, and I am glad you put so much into making even the basic attack worth watching....but LAG ..needs a quality option.
Play Necropolis Defence Necropolis Defence Oct. 02, 2011
Needs a repeat day or other means of grinding experience during campaign.
Play Call of Gods Call of Gods Jul. 20, 2011
Rookie protection maybe? Invaded and defeated in less than an hour
Play Villainous Villainous Jul. 10, 2011
After unlocking every ability, circus and rainbow, Goblin, Turtle, Golem, Healer, Goblin Goblin Goblin Goblin, Healer, Golem, Turtle, Golem is the way to go, and just use stun on any bog towers to fix that problem without wasting a slot on the cleansers.
Play Notebook Wars 2 Notebook Wars 2 Mar. 07, 2011
needs ability to be controlled via keyboard...+ if you agree so the creator will add.
Play King's Guard King's Guard Feb. 20, 2011
not gaining stats when leveling is complete failure..ive gained like 40 levels and not one point in attack, restarting and everything..
Play Burrito Bison Burrito Bison Feb. 18, 2011
ive broke out like 4 times in a row and no badge
Play High Tea High Tea Feb. 10, 2011
games about running drugs=bad the same game about running spices to make tea demands=better
Play Epic Combo! Epic Combo! Jan. 20, 2011
YOU CAN MOVE?!?!?!!? ..i made 120000 before i read the instructions....
Play Robot Clashes Robot Clashes Jan. 19, 2011
grinding for talent points would be nice
Play Liquid Measure 2 Dark Fluid Level Pack Liquid Measure 2 Dark Fluid Level Pack Jan. 19, 2011
id like a music mute, but leave the sound effects left that doable?
Play Bubble Tanks TD 1.5 Bubble Tanks TD 1.5 Jan. 18, 2011
juggling is failure...