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The Rise and Fall of Mecha-Perón

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Mar. 22, 2011

Rating: 5

Es ridículo ponerme a dar críticas constructivas cuando el juego obviamente cumplió su propósito perfectamente: hacernos reir y divertirnos un rato. Es un poco monótono y complicado, pero lo voy a seguir jugando HASTA LA VICTORIA!

Death Penalty

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Jul. 31, 2010

Rating: 2

C'mon guys, the game isn't difficult at all. I have defeated the last level 4 times in a row... It's just a matter of training and patience- it can be a little frustrating at first, but when you get the hang of it, it becomes really addictive and funny. The only thing that this game is missing is a mute button, and Argentinian football clubs :P Just think of this game like this: Zombies+ football= Epic win. Simple, yet entertaining, where I to know the developper had uploaded this awesome game to Kongregate, I wouldn't have played it on another site, as I sadly did. 5/5

Amberialites: The Tower of Endurance

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Feb. 20, 2010

Rating: 2

Wow, Oddgoo, great job! I love the concept of this one. I love the Amberial series since I played the first one around two years ago, and you never fail to amaze me with sequels with better graphics, new features, etc. This time you surprised me with a new concept :) I love the graphics and the music ^^ I'd love it more if there were more levels (sorry if there are, but I'm not that good so I couldn't reach very far), as difficult levels and other scenarios. Great job as always, Oddgoo! Keep rocking!

Starfall: Survivor

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Dec. 22, 2009

Rating: 0

I adore this game. it's freaking amazing. I love the graphics and controls, even if I'd love to be able to control the ship's actions instead of just moving it. It's a little frustrating, and sometimes all the missiles, lasers and ships make crowd the screen and it becomes a chaos. It'd be awesome if the game would have difficult levels, and levels/missions to complete. I like the song and backgrounds, they fit the game really fine. Outstanding work on those aspects. Please, please, continue working on the final version. I'd love to help you testing it, if you need it guys :) Oh! And as a christmas present (for being my favorite developers, and sharing your amazing games with us) I'll tip you a couple of kreds!

Off The Rails

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Nov. 24, 2009

Rating: 0

Amazing, both the concept, graphic design, music and effects are simply outstanding. I love your games Nitrome, since I love pixel art, but the colours on this one are cute, as the characters :D I really like how simple the game is- no upgrades, new characters, handcars, nothing like that. The only thing I noticed is that after playing five leves my hand started hurting :/ it might be me, but that makes the game frustrating. I can't think of anything to suggest you to add to the game, I'm addicted to it! 5/5.

Heroes of Gaia

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Oct. 30, 2009

Rating: 3

I feel like this game is a total Heroes of Might and Magic rip-off... anywho, I like it, and the game's quality is great. Maybe the only thing that I dislike is the fact that the game screen is very big, it's... absurd. I like the graphics, the multiplayer feature, but I can't say it is original at all. Atleast that's how I feel about this game. Regardless, I know this game is going to be very succesful, and it really deserves it- even if the developers didn't use an original idea, they put a lot of effort on this game.

Invasor Destiny

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Oct. 30, 2009

Rating: 1

Wow, estoy sorprendido. No esperaba NADA como esto cuando lo empecé a jugar- los graficos son simples pero le van bien al juego, al igual que la historia. El menú de instrucciones es muy útil al igual que el tutorial. Creo que el juego llegaría más a los jugadores si no arrancara tan complicado, y al principio hubieran dos o tres niveles sencillos como para acostumbrarte al juego. Debo admitir que no pienso que sea un juego TAN frustrante, pero si es difícil, y eso puede hacer que muchos jugadores no quieran seguir. Al ser un juego adictivo, estoy seguro que enseguida puede cautivar a muchos usuarios ;) Después, hablamos por chat de las opciones para que con un doble click sobre una unidad pudieras seleccionar a un grupo de las mismas, y crear grupos. Acerca de la música del juego, creo que es un punto débil de este, aunque eso unicamente colabore con la atmósfera que crea. Muy buen juego, hacía rato que no me llevaba una sorpresa tan grata. Seguí así! :D

Lumen Maze

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Oct. 21, 2009

Rating: 0

Bueno, yo no estoy de acuerdo con que sea original. Si bien el diseño gráfico del juego es muy bueno, y en el menu hay varias opciones interesantes, estos dos factores no alteran ni agregan mucho al juego en si. Para ser sincero, al juego no ser original, y este ser bastante frustrante, no veo la razón por la cual jugar este y no otro de su mismo estilo. Yo trabajaría con un concepto nuevo y no tan explotado como es el de los maze games. El aspecto, menus, y sonidos son mejores que el juego, lo cual es un sinsentido. Yo pasaría mi tiempo y habilidad en hacer escenarios y opciones tan variadas desarrollando un juego algo más original. De todas formas, admito que la opción para guardar el juego es muy útil, y si bien el juego ES frustrante, te da la posibilidad de descansar un rato, y después seguir :P Te felicito por dedicar tanto tiempo (lo que es visible) en este juego. Seguí así!

Strange ball

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Oct. 13, 2009

Rating: 1

No tengo mucho para decir del juego, no veo un concepto original, y veo un montón de cosas que agregar. Sin duda se puede observar tu progreso, comparando con otros juegos, pero yo primero trabajaría en algo más original, después con opciones como por ejemplo un botón de mute o uno de pausa. Después, me ocuparía de la parte gráfica- puede que no lo creas, pero ayuda mucho a romper la monotonía. El juego de por si es monótono, frustrante, y no ofrece mucho- mejor dicho, nada nuevo. Veo un par de errores de ortografía, pero creo que lo podés arreglar :) De todas formas, veo que estas trabajando mucho con Flash, y estoy seguro que es cuestión de tiempo hasta que te acostumbres y lo sigas explorando. Suerte, y seguí así :D

Alice is Dead - Ep 1

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Sep. 16, 2009

Rating: 0

I like the game, though I'm very disappointed at the end and at the game lenght. I can't wait for a sequel. The game is really nice, the puzzle is challenging but maybe a harder one would be sweet. This is one of the first times where I feel a point and click game isn't boring or frustating. The graphic style and backgrounds are remarkable, as the music- it is REALLY creepy. Anyway, I felt there are a lot of things that were a reall mistery, as the song, the spider, the door on the first room, etc that the developer left out at the end of this episode, (that he must be keeping for the sequel)... that really disappointed me. Good job, this game was very funny :D

GOTW - Acrobat

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Sep. 12, 2009

Rating: 4

I like this game, the fact that you can only play it with one key is funny. Of course, as it was an entry for a contest where you have to make a game per week (I suppose), the game is great. It's unbelieveable how developers create games with such interesting concepts and at the same time the follow the theme of the competition. Great job, Moonkey. I agree that it needs better backgrounds and art in general, and that maybe music and more levels would be amazing. If you did this demo only on a week, I don't want to even think what you can turn this game in a month :P It has potential to be a very funny game, because while it gets repetitive after a while, it isn't frustating at all, and it's very challenging. keep it up, Moonkey :D I hope to see a v2 soon ;D

Toss the Turtle

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Sep. 11, 2009

Rating: 0

I totally love this game. The graphic style is amazing, maybe the best part of the game is to discover all of the characters. I love the backgrounds, the sounds, and how funny the game is- I mean, a banana shouting "hadoken" lol, it's great. The music fits the graphic style very well :P Maybe one thing to add would be more upgrades, cheaper ones but a larger variery of them, maybe because most of the iteams are too expensive and you have to play a lot of time for getting them, and as the game is a little repetitive it can be frustrating. Also, I'd consider adding more songs and backgrounds. It'd be sweet if each background was a level and it had special enemies and stuff. Great game, I'm happy that it's going to get badges. Keep up the good work Foreverkul! 4/5!

Street Fighter 2 CE

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Jul. 07, 2009

Rating: 0

Wow, sweet! I love this game :D I'm a Mortal Kombat fan, but anyway I like this one (though some fatalities would make this game much better). I like the fact that it is a clone of the arcades one, it brings me good memories. I don't like the controls, maybe because I'm not used to them, but I think that a, s, d and w for moving, u, i and o for punchs and j, k and l for kicks would be much better. Heh, I'm not going to ask for a multiplayer version because there's already a Street Fighter Online, and because the arcades version didn't have that feature, but it'd be nice. Lol, I'd like to see some badges for this game, but I don't know if it has the API- anyway, the badges' names would be epic XD Nice job here, I think this game isn't going to be a great success because of the lag and controls, but that's just because nowdays kids love their PlayStations and games with great graphics and can't understand retro games.

FlashWorks Drawing

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Jun. 05, 2009

Rating: 0

Very nice, MossyStump and Ventero. I love this game. It is so colorful, and funny! Anyway, I would add a couple of features such as: - A rubber tool: I sometimes want to erase just a little area of my drawing, and I can't. I have to clean the whole screen and start again. - An option for picking cubes of only one colour/certain colours: That would make everything easier, and I think that'd make artowks easier to understand (I'm going to post my first try at the Art Forums, and you'll understand this suggestion). - Please, fix the lag. After 5 minutes of playing, the game started lagging a lot. I don't know if that's my computer's fault, but I doubt it. Keep up the great job, guys, congratulations! 5/5 and favorited.

Amberial Axis

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May. 28, 2009

Rating: 0

After six days of playing this game, I think I finally can say that I found my favorite game on Kongregate. Amberial Axis is just awesome. It is just a shame that I wasn't invited to the beta testing even after I signed up. I love the music, the graphics are the best thing of thw entire game with the level editor. The game is very frustating, but if you practice each level, it is possible. You just have to be patient. I would add more easy levels, the game gets hard too soon. I would also add missions against a timer, that would be a great feature for practicing. I hope it gets badges soon, and congratulations the developers of this game. Great job. 5/5.

Battalion: Arena Beta

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May. 18, 2009

Rating: 0

Woah, this is more awesome than I was expecting! Really good job here, congratulations to the developers. Anyway, I think the game's menus aren't appealing, it might be just me, but too much green. I'd prefer to see menu graphics like the ones in Battalion:Nemesis. Anyway, I can see that there are a lot of features that aren't still available, so maybe those designs are going to change. Then, I'm having problems while connecting to the game. Sometimes, it is just a green screen, and it doesn't load- But the chat does. Others, I can't connect to the chat, and the game loads very slow. I am getting a lot of error notices from the Flash 10 debugger, I already sent one report to , but without any screenshot of these errors. If you want, I can send another one. I love this game, I have that feeling that this one is going to be VERY popular :P I hope so!

Amateur Surgeon

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May. 15, 2009

Rating: 0

Not a great game, very bloody, I really found it disgusting. It is like the Dark Cut series. This game is very frustating. I don't like the graphic style, and the characters, they aren't funny or appealing. Also, it needs some music. Then, the tutorial. I really feel it isn't well explained- I mean, it shows you the basics, but it isn't a step-by-step guide... I would like a better tutorial, instead of a help menu. Call me lazy, but that makes everything a little harder. I also hate the idea of having two of the three files locked on Kongregate. I don't like the storyline, but if you are following it, it might suck to have all that content only on AdultSwimGames... Well,except that, this game is ok, atleast I could enjoy it for 5 minutes, it's just very unoriginal, and it lacks of creativity. 3/5, it could have been much better if it wasn't that bloody.


Play Gray

May. 11, 2009

Rating: 0

Fantastic game. Very original, and well done. This is the first game I enjoy so much since Estamos Pensando. Simple, but well done. I would like to see another kind of challenge, always using the spacebar is a little repetitive. Maybe the aim of the game isn't being challenging, but I'd like to see new game options, with, maybe, some sort of key combinations, or something like that. I also think this game is missing a story-line, it would be nice to know why they are arguing. This game is so good that I want to play more levels, could it be possible to add a second part? Like a cutscene, and then, the second chapter begins. A multiplayer mode would make this game similar to Argue (Real-time strategy), but it would be so great. Anyway, I know it might sound an utopia... This game is an example for every developer. With a limited gamma of colours, and simple graphics, intuition managed to make a very enjoyable game, and with a beautiful, and deep message. 5/5, great job.


Play Smatch

Apr. 04, 2009

Rating: 0

Heh, I'm addicted to this game. I admit that I hated it when it got the April fool's challenge, but after a while I started loving it. It is very funny :P But, it lacks of some challenge, so I think I'd add things like: -Avatars that have special effects. (Possitive and negative ones). -It'd be nice to have weapons, for example a bomb, which effect would remove all the avatars with the same image from the board. -Enemies. If you click a certain piece, enemy one in this case, you lose a life. (You start with a X amount of lives). -More backgrounds, and Kongregate related ones. Those are just some suggestions :) I'm looking forward a sequel/update! Good job!

Cat Burglar

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Mar. 24, 2009

Rating: 0

It is a good idea for a maze game, I liked it! It is a shame that it is only one level :( It is hard for being the first level of a game, but for being the whole game, it is easy. Anyway, I'll check the updated version next week :D Here some things I'd add: -Enemies. Without them, then game is probably going to be repetitive. -Better backgrounds. That'd make the game more appealing! -Add music, and sound effects. The game is a little empty, all those details, like the backgrounds, music, etc, would make this one more funny :) -Time challenge mode. That'd be so sweet! Also, add the Kongregate API, please!! Those are just a couple of random ideas, nice work here, I'm looking forward the update! Good luck!