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Play Idle Raiders Idle Raiders May. 26, 2015
How do you unequip items and spell? The game should have a quick tutorial, your just launched into a new world with a few buttons/ why can't you even click a character to see it's position and individual hp?
Developer response from pitforest

Because the game is in a rather early stage of development. UI and stuff like that will receive enhancements over time. If you look through the patch notes, you will see that we've already added a lot of stuff to the UI that wasn't there when the game was released (about 2 and half weeks ago) :)

Play The Deepest Sleep The Deepest Sleep Aug. 20, 2014
Another ending could be added involving the Traveler shinning the bright light at you at the last door and yourself dying. Sort of the deep sleep ending 1 reversed.
Play A Kitty Dream A Kitty Dream Jun. 22, 2014
Heard of WASD?
Play Dungeon Developer Dungeon Developer Feb. 17, 2014
Do they have to skip the lower levels?
Play Moo RPG Moo RPG Nov. 03, 2013
This game has many weird features for example world 1 is hard than world 2.
Play Incursion 2: The Artifact Incursion 2: The Artifact Jul. 13, 2013
I really believe that Targa's little buddy archer friend should get a skill list too- he gets weaker as the levels goes on.
Play Operation: Penguins vs. Pelicans Operation: Penguins vs. Pelicans Jun. 24, 2013
I was wondering when will you put rooms so that higher level players can fight higher levels and lower to lower.
Developer response from PlayVoodooTeam

Thank you for the comment. Currently the game simply doesn't have enough players to have proper matches for both low and high level players. We really understand it sucks to get wrecked by the top players with upgraded Ships. As soon as we have a good amount of players, we will implement a system to match players as equally as possible. The teams change for every match, so you should have those high lvls on your team from time to time too! But my best suggestion at this point is, find a friend or two and team up on the high lvls!

Play Rocket Pets Rocket Pets Jun. 23, 2013
Has any one ever seen all that pollution. Its funny it the planets haven't turned into greenhouses.
Play Operation: Penguins vs. Pelicans Operation: Penguins vs. Pelicans Jun. 18, 2013
Dying by hitting the wall seriously does a light tap with highly advanced shields do anything?
Play Ninja and Blind Girl 2 Ninja and Blind Girl 2 Jun. 12, 2013
Also i think the count number should have a max limit maybe 5 or 10.
Play Ninja and Blind Girl 2 Ninja and Blind Girl 2 Jun. 12, 2013
Speed up?
Play Bois D'Arc Bois D'Arc Jun. 08, 2013
We should be able to get more stars even if we got 3/3 on the stage-maybe at reduced to 1 or 2 but 1 at least for replaying a level.
Play Interactive Buddy 2 (Prototype) Interactive Buddy 2 (Prototype) Jun. 03, 2013
Delete everything button is needed!
Play Giants and Dwarves TD Giants and Dwarves TD May. 06, 2013
If we redo levels we should be able to get more honor but maybe at a lower rate 1/4 maybe but the extra honour will help!
Play Aqua Boy Aqua Boy May. 02, 2013
This may sound nooby but what is charge for and how do you use it?
Play ButtonX20 ButtonX20 Apr. 16, 2013
Play MadBurger MadBurger Apr. 07, 2013
"I don't think the 3 second rule applies to my burgers." Says the chef.
Play Falling Sands Falling Sands Apr. 05, 2013
You could add a program which shows us what the object is because sometimes i forget that i used steel instead of other metals or e.t.c. It would work by showing what the object is on the mouse on the bottom or top of the screen.
Play Interactive Buddy Interactive Buddy Apr. 02, 2013
I can't play the game as it was i try to use fist or ticked but my cursor doesn't show up inside the game so i cannot use it and also other cursor related objects.
Play Robot Phone Home Robot Phone Home Mar. 22, 2013
Hmm i liked this game though it was short perhaps more depth and story. Also i would like asdw controls as well please!