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Play Test Pilot Test Pilot Jul. 23, 2011
how bout a multiplayer race? =)
Play Damn Birds 2 Damn Birds 2 Jul. 10, 2011
I think that there should be a winter season. =)
Play City Siege 2 City Siege 2 May. 25, 2011
make the guns more accurate
Play Dark Cut 3 Dark Cut 3 May. 20, 2011
try playing light cut =))
Play Insectonator Insectonator Apr. 10, 2011
st. jimmy...
Play Stunt Master Stunt Master Apr. 03, 2011
Play Road of the Dead Road of the Dead Jan. 10, 2011
try this upgrade list and follow them in order: 1)Bumper.2)Windshield.3)Engine.4)Tires.5)Pistol. Just Follow Them As They Were Arranged, Upgrade Them Alternate.
Play Guitar Geek Guitar Geek Jan. 10, 2011
if there will be a second game for this, i think it will be better if there would be a multiplayer. so you can battle with other players
Play Santa Rockstar: Metal Xmas 3 Santa Rockstar: Metal Xmas 3 Jan. 09, 2011
for changing the quality, just right click the mouse and click quality on the options
Play Road of the Dead Road of the Dead Dec. 29, 2010
i would like to see evolved zombies on higher levels and zombies eating soldiers...
Play Road of the Dead Road of the Dead Dec. 18, 2010
why don't i get damaged if i go through a cart or a screen???
Play Warfare 1944 Warfare 1944 Dec. 11, 2010
wtf??!!! my air strike didn't hit any germans on the field!!! but still... it is a very good game :) 999999/5!
Play Paladin: The Game Paladin: The Game Dec. 09, 2010
just try collecting 3 mana potions and not use it before the battle with the priest having 3 mana potions at the end will make the game easy for you
Play Doodle Devil Doodle Devil Nov. 21, 2010
shoould it be mushroom + human = mario?
Play Arcane Arcane Oct. 12, 2010
it would not load for some computers
Play Zombies Took My Daughter! Zombies Took My Daughter! Oct. 01, 2010
there should be a sequel
Play Romance Maker Romance Maker Sep. 24, 2010
i luv this game!
Play Machete Man Machete Man Sep. 14, 2010
ang pangit ng laro na ito! pangit pangit pangit!!!!! pang skwater! ito!
Play Machete Man Machete Man Sep. 14, 2010
it takes too much time to load!
Play Death Vegas Death Vegas Sep. 14, 2010
the skip button should be early