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Play ChatChat ChatChat Apr. 01, 2014
i would like to choose my own cats fur colour
Play Draw My Thing! Draw My Thing! Nov. 20, 2013
nooooo i loved this game why did they have to remove it is it cuz of the name i dont know but i still vvery much liked that game wonder when they got rid of it?
Play Can Your Pet? Can Your Pet? Nov. 20, 2013
is it just me or do you always wonder about the controler
Play Haunt the House Haunt the House Mar. 24, 2013
the owls are so creepy their eyes fallow u how do they see ghosts?
Play Can Your Pet? Can Your Pet? Mar. 24, 2013
i seen a video if u cliked the bike but i can never unlock the video game controller no matter how much i try
Play Catapult Animal Catapult Animal Mar. 16, 2013
lol the dogs head looks like a womans head
Play Catapult Animal Catapult Animal Mar. 16, 2013
the quality is so bad and the dog, cat, and bunny are unrealistic
Play swing game swing game Mar. 16, 2013
ok lol my comment was a fail the one below x3
Play swing game swing game Nov. 11, 2012
wow i did a flip and landed on my feet
Play ChatChat ChatChat Aug. 31, 2012
i have an error eny computer i go on it says error connection try again :( i cant play
Play Quit Smoking Quit Smoking Aug. 30, 2012
i dont get how a white ball bouncing of a cigoret can distroy your lungs *_*
Play Plane Crash Simulator Plane Crash Simulator Aug. 29, 2012
what is this
Play mutate the labrat mutate the labrat Aug. 27, 2012
i was just playing the game and then a huge magot was right biside me on the wall
Play Catapult Animal Catapult Animal Aug. 26, 2012
it never stops for me
Play Hit Justin Bieber! Hit Justin Bieber! Aug. 26, 2012
im pritty shure he never dies
Play Peaceful Chatter Peaceful Chatter Aug. 26, 2012
i wasted 1 hour moving balls in a stack
Play Don't Look Back Don't Look Back Aug. 26, 2012
it gets really hard
Play ChatChat ChatChat Aug. 25, 2012
i really love this game i always make friends at the tree :)
Play The Majesty of Colors The Majesty of Colors Aug. 25, 2012
i like this game alot
Play I wish I were the Moon I wish I were the Moon Aug. 25, 2012
found all endings