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Play Ratz Instagib Ratz Instagib Dec. 01, 2014
Hello! Ratz Instagib 2.0 comes to steam early 2015! With its release, the current prototype ratz on Kongregate will be replaced with the demo for 2.0. Had to take down the current prototype, to prevent confusion when ratz 2.0 releases. I hope to see you all in 2.0 : )!
Play Ratz Instagib Ratz Instagib May. 26, 2014
My Webspace with the Login and Leaderboard System got hacked... Ill upload a new version soon.
Play Ratz Instagib Ratz Instagib Mar. 19, 2014
Hello! My DevLog: Im going to post the full development progress of my game "Ratz Instagib". Its coming to Steam around October 2014. I hope for some feedback/ideas and to discuss aspects of the game and how it should be shaped. Please spread the word if you like : ) Thank You!
Play Ratz Instagib Ratz Instagib Mar. 01, 2013
Does anyone experience the bug thats causing you to jump back to the main menu after you joined a game? thats a disconnect... im not sure, it could be my internet connection that currently has some problems. And ofcourse, if you see some other weird behavior then please tell me so i can fix it, Thank you!
Play Ratz Instagib Ratz Instagib Feb. 13, 2013
idea again^^: a secondary weapon that acts like a machinegun. it would do a lot less damage and you would need more time to kill a target. but it would probaply be more enjoyable for non instagib veterans. please tell me what you think! :)
Play Ratz Instagib Ratz Instagib Feb. 13, 2013
Who wants badges? like: 10 wins, 100 wins ... or 100kills, 500 kills, 1000 kills ... or 100xdoublekill, 10xholyshit... or something like that? ideas?! :)
Developer response from lizzard4000

and what do you guys think about powerups? like "Move Speed Up" and "Fire Rate Up"? There would be one center place to get them, every 60sec with short announcements before they appear. And something like, if the player with the pickup dies he looses the powerup, so others can pick it up again?but that only once or twice? what do you think? another idea: if the difference between the first and the last player score is high enough, the last player gets a free powerup until he dies. so he can catch up a very little.

Play Ratz Instagib Ratz Instagib Feb. 11, 2013
Thank you very much everyone for playing my game! There have been quite a lot people online already! :D Ill try to implement most of your suggestions as soon as i can and add a new map as fast as possible :). (probaply in the next two weeks. I currently have to do a job that i really dont want to do and that takes a lot of time...) Thank you all! :)
Play Ratz Instagib Ratz Instagib Feb. 11, 2013
If you like to know about the updates or give feedback: Thanks a lot for playing : )