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Play Gilmo Gilmo Oct. 30, 2014
was a great one, played it times n times
Play Horror Plant 2 Horror Plant 2 Oct. 28, 2012
didnt like where i killed that man talking to phone (not the plant). and the end of the story could be far away better. 3.5 / 5
Developer response from gudo1

I planned one more sequel, so it's not the end of the story.

Play Volodya and Uliya Volodya and Uliya Oct. 28, 2012
not bad really! little bit hard for just starting gamer. space doesnt shoot there in upstairs. stupid boss! yhx
Play Bob's Adventure Bob's Adventure Oct. 28, 2012
good job... place more ways to reach the destination so we can choose our ways. have this from me: saving tha game is curtsy to tha gamer;)
Play NinjaScape NinjaScape Oct. 28, 2012
there is a little bit jumping in the run cycle, maybe a miss of animation frame. a and d controls are slow thx
Developer response from Pgarc7a

is not jumping, is intended like that, if u look, is when he steps with the right leg, which usually is more powerful, its cos is a sketch that i didnt bother to smooth the animation... also a and d or ok, cos u gotta imagine obstacles coming at the same speed then the background, more speed would make it too fast for my idea, and a is slower, cos, although u dont see it there, when pressing a the ninja would look backwards, and would just deccelerate a bit for whatever purpose, is not intended to have the same speed than going forward, but thx, it will take me lots of time to finish this, cos i just began learning programming, but when its finish u tell me if u like it

Play Jacksmith Jacksmith Oct. 06, 2012
great game, but expected more fun