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Play DN8 DN8 Apr. 23, 2011
The status bar gets in the way sometimes, otherwise this game is just phenomenal. I love bullet hells.
Play Lifted : The Game Lifted : The Game Apr. 13, 2011
Is it bad that when I saw the title, the only words that caught my eye were "the game"? Anyway, the concept's great and the graphics are cute. Keep it up!
Play Hummingbird Mind Hummingbird Mind Apr. 13, 2011
I'd much rather dream about a talking hummingbird that lost his magic hat than do my work, too.
Play Windows Windows Apr. 10, 2011
Please tell me that I'm not the only one who actually understands the humor behind this game. :|
Play Loved Loved Apr. 07, 2011
My coordination is awful, so this game is nearly impossible for me to complete. I'd admired what I saw, though.