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Play Grass Blocks Grass Blocks Sep. 29, 2010
Without the cooldawn, it would be easier to shot all the green blocks without losing the red ones.
Play Grass Blocks Grass Blocks Sep. 28, 2010
I just made it as a fan game... Also that's not a laggy between the shots, that's the realod time, wichone is 2.0Sec.
Play Aurus Aurus Sep. 27, 2010
Yeah, i fail at spelling :X PlayCrafter should don't be a good game maker engine, also think about it's game than check this one, you will see the diference. I am sry because of the controls, you r right, the powers' keys are dificult to press and move. That's rly a big gun xD also i think if i make it too small it will be weird "/