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Play The Last Door - Chapter 1: The Letter The Last Door - Chapter 1: The Letter Nov. 19, 2013
-stares at screen wondering what just happened. quickly clicks the sequel-
Play Fisher-Diver Fisher-Diver Aug. 07, 2013
This game is amazing and super addicting. The whole concept is eerie too. In the beginning I thought it was just a normal fishing game like all the rest. That thought changed quickly...
Play Minecraft Minecraft Apr. 06, 2013
well this is retarded
Play [ALPHA] Sam the Wondering Wolf [ALPHA] Sam the Wondering Wolf Dec. 16, 2012
oh my god those "wolves" look like rabid badgers on crack that have a tongue always stuck to an invisible pole. worst frigin game ever. i bet a llama could make a better game with their eyes closed
Developer response from Shadow_Craver

I'm glad you liked it.

Play Sheep Sheep Wolf Sheep Sheep Wolf Dec. 10, 2012
being an animal lover myself im wondering whyim rating this 5/5 and adding it to my favs... i dunno why i like this game so much... it barely has a point!
Play Factory Balls, the Christmas edition Factory Balls, the Christmas edition Dec. 06, 2012
omg i luv all of the factory games and this is even better with a christmas twist! <3 ya bro
Play Driving cars Driving cars Dec. 02, 2012
drive... off... the water
Play Transformice Dress Up Transformice Dress Up Nov. 27, 2012
mustache, monocal (however it's spelled), and a top hat... like a sir
Play Falling Sands Fast Falling Sands Fast Nov. 25, 2012
hell yes LSD
Play Pretentious Game Pretentious Game Nov. 18, 2012
i almost cried...
Play Grey Grey Nov. 18, 2012
i think the boy in this story had his girlfriend pass away. after that, a person was sent to "put the color back in his world". when he lets the bird go, this is a symbol of him letting go off his troubles and worries as well.
Play Slender - Web Edition Slender - Web Edition Nov. 17, 2012
and di i mention that whenever i play it, i can no longer see my cursor so i have to guess where the "back" button is
Play Slender - Web Edition Slender - Web Edition Nov. 17, 2012
this is shit... its all glitchy and slenderman looks like a light green circle connected to a thin black rectangle with two long, skinny sticks coming off of it. terrible. 0/5
Play Slender Slender Nov. 17, 2012
oh no... im so scared omg
Play RC the maze of fortune RC the maze of fortune Nov. 17, 2012
dang i rammed it up a wall...
Play Mouse Maze: Speed Run Mouse Maze: Speed Run Nov. 17, 2012
me: im going to punch someone stepdad: why? me: this game is shit! stepdad: so who are you going to punch? me: the creator of this game stepdad: what did he do? me: -spins around- HE SPAWNED THIS DEMON FROM THE FIERY WRATH IT USED TO, AND SHOULD WALLOW IN AND DIE stepdad: ... ok have fun!
Play Simple Hangman Simple Hangman Nov. 17, 2012
you win! replay why the hell would anyone wanna replay
Play My First Escape Game My First Escape Game Nov. 17, 2012
did anyone else click on the "secret" in the description...? im scared mommy...
Play 6 Balls 6 Balls Nov. 17, 2012
wow... these are some mighty nice balls....
Play Square Room Escape Square Room Escape Nov. 17, 2012
just right click the arrow then press "play" derp