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Play Crystal Story II Crystal Story II Nov. 14, 2013
I would like to know what each stat means
Play Road of the Dead 2 Road of the Dead 2 Nov. 03, 2013
God, the solider zombies are harder to kill than mutants. It takes 5-6 shots with the shotgun on them because of there helmet and i know im shooting them right in the face yet the helmet blocks the shot... please nerf them
Play Cursed Treasure 2 Cursed Treasure 2 Sep. 03, 2013
yes my lord from the peasants, oh thats amazing
Play Nelly 2: ep.1 Nelly 2: ep.1 Aug. 27, 2013
I clicked this because i thought: Rust spoons nettle
Play Papa's Cupcakeria Papa's Cupcakeria Aug. 26, 2013
Does it really matter which cupcake i put a certain frosting on even if it has the same batter?
Play The Man with the Invisible Trousers The Man with the Invisible Trousers Aug. 06, 2013
the walkthrough is a beta version of the game and the levels are not in the same order.......
Play Swords & Potions 2 Swords & Potions 2 Aug. 06, 2013
at the end of the day :An error has occurred please reload the game to keep on playing... there no where sorry an error has occurred. this happeneds atleast twice every 6 days and the devs need to fix it. Unless they do it on purpose to make you want to buy the keys to make the game tasks go faster so you don't need to wait for them twice in a row
Play BattleCry BattleCry Aug. 02, 2013
best game ever
Play Zombie Pandemic Zombie Pandemic Jul. 01, 2013
Content Encoding Error The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because it uses an invalid or unsupported form of compression. srsly -.-
Play Don't Escape Don't Escape Jun. 16, 2013
i want more games like this one
Play Of Guards And Thieves Of Guards And Thieves Jun. 12, 2013
all the usernames r taken
Play Contract Wars Contract Wars May. 17, 2013
Play Strike Force Heroes 2 Strike Force Heroes 2 May. 09, 2013
pleaes tell me this game fixed the problems of the oine before eplaepsalepals
Play Freefall Tournament Freefall Tournament May. 03, 2013
please make a shop that you buy items with money you get from playing and the items have upsides and downsides so you might get a new skill/weapon but it does 25% less damage or slows your flying speed by 30%
Play Ninja Slash Ninja Slash Apr. 28, 2013
hey kids you know whats funny? for getting a 400 combo you get 50 coins JUST 50!
Play Ninja Slash Ninja Slash Apr. 28, 2013
i get a 300 combo and it gives me just 30 coins...srsly SRSLY!!!
Play Ninja Slash Ninja Slash Apr. 28, 2013
now im just waiting to see how fast the game gets
Play Ninja Slash Ninja Slash Apr. 28, 2013
the best part about this is that i can still move around, but there are no walls to stop me i can go off the level...i can't get coins or get killed thogh
Play Ninja Slash Ninja Slash Apr. 28, 2013
guys i got a glitch were i fell into the pit at the end of the dojo level but the game didn't stop i went through the pits bottom and when the stairs going down the dojo came i didn't go down them the cam just stayed at the same level from when i fell and i went through the roof and was going through the sky of the bamboo area xD
Play Ninja Slash Ninja Slash Apr. 27, 2013
nvm u need to drag that...