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Neverending Light

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Feb. 13, 2009

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Wow, awesome. More non casual flash games please!!

Reverb Part 1

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Jul. 11, 2007

Rating: 0

5'ed. I'm a real fan of story driven games and this is one of those rare ones which had it. It's a really good game, both this and the sequel.

The Last Stand

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May. 22, 2007

Rating: 0

I am most definitely looking forward seeing future projects from you. Awesome job.

Cereus Peashy

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Jan. 17, 2007

Rating: 0

Exactly what vynx said.

Pumpkin Collector

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Jan. 14, 2007

Rating: 0

Smooth. While playing I felt like I was running blindly not knowing what's in front of me. Meaning, the camera should scroll further in front of you as you run. The huge cursor is annoying and should be invisible while playing.

Gone Fishin

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Jan. 14, 2007

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Now that's interesting. Why are fish low quality bitmaps? They could've been easily drawn and used in flash. Also, scoring doesn't work.