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Words and Physics

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Dec. 19, 2011

Rating: -1

Nice little prototype - looking forward to seeing this expanded a bit. There is good potential here.

Theme Hotel

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Dec. 15, 2011

Rating: 6

There's a lesson to be learned here: Even if there is nothing to complain about, people will complain for the sake of complaining. Where's that elevator at?

The Ocean Around Me - Week One

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Dec. 05, 2011

Rating: 6

I like that you've added some things to this, including the coconut mini-game, since GiTD #23 wrapped up. A couple of notes: Coconuts keep falling when you catch 25 until you hit the next button. You should create a function to stop and remove all the coconuts left on the screen when the 25th is caught. Also, the collisions between the coconuts and the survivor are a bit strange. If I glide the person into the side of the coconut it counts towards my total. Try changing your collision box to just the bowl for a more "realistic" catching effect. A similar thing happens with your fish at the end of the fish game (remaining on the screen for a bit too long). Store your coconuts or fish in an array (or Vector, if you're using AS3), stop the function that creates them when the target number is caught, and remove all the objects from the array. Overall you did a nice job adding to the game. Make improvements and expand week 2 a bit, good work!

Developer response from Moshdef

Thanks alot Luthimir! I've tried to make those damn coconuts and fish disappear after the game ends, but I wasn't able to do it in the way I know. Instead of just making them all disappear, I will now try ending the function that is creating them. I think that's the problem, so thanks for the advice! I'll try it out now.

Badge Master

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Oct. 03, 2011

Rating: 2

Pretty amazing idea, Senekis. Nice work.

30 seconds to draw!

Play 30 seconds to draw!

Sep. 06, 2011

Rating: 3

Very nice work for 3 days. 5/5


Play VELOCIROCKET: Test Flight

Jul. 28, 2011

Rating: 4

@darkscanner - I'm not sure why you think it's necessary to insult Eu_Plon_Ka for his game in three days, especially after you submitted this: for the same contest.

Big Runner

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Jul. 15, 2011

Rating: 1

Nice work for 10 hours :)

Cursed Treasure: Level Pack!

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Jul. 10, 2011

Rating: -27

FF has popped a couple of flash errors now... someone didn't do enough testing...

Tubby Lumpy

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Jun. 28, 2011

Rating: 3

Yes, special thanks to @BigEffingHammer for the concept art for Tubby :D

Elements of Arkandia

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Jun. 21, 2011

Rating: 8

This guy would sell a lot more stuff if he got out of bed and opened his shop before noon.

Internet Assault

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Jun. 13, 2011

Rating: 8

4/5: 1) Not incredibly annoying, or buggy. (+1 Star) 2) Your first game up on kong, and not bad (+1 Star) 3) I ror'd at your high score screen (+2 Stars) The first thing you are going to hear is "UPGRADES!" from a lot of players. You have a pretty solid working prototype here that you could greatly expand upon if you desire (or just move on, your choice). There should be some sort of "instructions" even if it's just a one-time quick explanation, although it is easy to catch on. Lastly, think about how long you want people to play for. It took me less than a minute to lose twice and feel like I was "finished". Slowing the pace of the game down a bit so you are interested for 5-10 minutes might be a good goal. You could start by slowing the first couple rounds down and lowering the amount of health the tower loses. Overall, nice work. Keep it up.

Commander Cookie Vs. the Vegetables

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May. 27, 2011

Rating: 0

Everyone likes cookies, and a shootorial mod. Plus, why not shoot down evil vegetables? I'll give you 4/5 for effort/twist on generic theme. Decent upgrades system framework started here too :)

ShellShock Live

Play ShellShock Live

May. 26, 2011

Rating: 11

Since your last update I've gotten many more Error Connecting to Server / Could Not Join messages.

Coin Collector

Play Coin Collector

May. 07, 2011

Rating: 4

Pretty cool saybox, nice work. Just one thing, could I please have some sound options?

Day of the Undead Dino

Play Day of the Undead Dino

Apr. 25, 2011

Rating: -1

While you might like your music, not all your players will... Mute button/Sound Options???

ShellShock Live

Play ShellShock Live

Apr. 13, 2011

Rating: 6

Great game, I've always wanted to do a "Scorched Earth" remake, but it looks like you've beat me to it. 5/5

Blind Witness

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Apr. 13, 2011

Rating: 4

Nice work 5/5 :)

Click Slowest Thing

Play Click Slowest Thing

Feb. 10, 2011

Rating: 0

Nice work :) Spend a little time (or get someone else to) on the art/visual effects and this could be great

Find The Exit

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Jan. 31, 2011

Rating: 1

Nice work Qwerber 4/5

Eye of Hell

Play Eye of Hell

Jan. 25, 2011

Rating: 5

Nice work, my first suggestion would be offering options for Mouse vs. Keyboard controls when you start :)