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Play Mini Heroes Mini Heroes Jun. 11, 2015
1 stat on my weapon says + 2 defence and the other stat says defense with an s? Is there any difference between the two stats because of their spelling? Or is that just a typo?
Developer response from likwidgames

Typo :)

Play The Godfather: Five Families The Godfather: Five Families Mar. 30, 2015
Bad move Kong! We're not playing this old bs
Play Lucadian Chronicles Lucadian Chronicles Mar. 14, 2015
Attacks sound like the old minecraft bow sound xD
Play Idle Politician Idle Politician Jul. 28, 2014
I am the galactic conqueror but nobody turns up at my fundraising events
Play Kings Of The Realm Kings Of The Realm Jun. 17, 2014
Issue fixed all of sudden, nvm my comment
Play Kings Of The Realm Kings Of The Realm Jun. 17, 2014
My resources are negative O_O Making screenshot now
Play Kings Of The Realm Kings Of The Realm Jun. 14, 2014
Game is stuck at "Assembling your commanders" I have played this quite a while ago and I want to see what has been improved.
Developer response from DigitGameStudios

This should now be fixed, thanks for your patience!

Play War of Omens War of Omens Apr. 20, 2014
I love how the dutch captain insults you for a "Lelijke dikke oma", Which means "Ugly fat grandma"
Play SideQuest SideQuest Apr. 04, 2014
My items disapear when I double click them in a shop menu. They do not apear at the buy back tab, and do not earn me any money either.
Developer response from FractalGames

Hello, this issue should be fixed now! Your items shouldn't be gone, however. They should still be in your inventory when you refresh!

Play SideQuest SideQuest Apr. 03, 2014
The game is too big to fit in, do others also experience this? And when trying to click buttons I have to click somewhere at the bottom left of them to actually click them.
Developer response from FractalGames

We've fixed part of the scaling issue. The game should now be playable while scaled, but there may still be a few graphical bugs.

Play Idle God 3 Idle God 3 Mar. 22, 2014
Age of war music :D I loved that game
Play Kings Of The Realm Kings Of The Realm Feb. 04, 2014
When your army is moving and you want to change the name, you can't because it instantly resets back to "NameArmy"
Developer response from DigitGameStudios

Wowser, good spot!, We'll get that bug fixed. Thanks!

Play Survuval Island Survuval Island Aug. 11, 2013
My mouse doesn't lock into the game, does anyone know how to fix this?
Play Slender - Web Edition Slender - Web Edition Aug. 10, 2013
Slenderman's head is a melon :O
Play Tower Heroes Tower Heroes Aug. 09, 2013
Game is still broken ;/
Play The Final Boss The Final Boss May. 24, 2013
Man, this boss is way to hard
Play Sieger: Level Pack Sieger: Level Pack Jan. 23, 2013
I love the music so much, I already loved it of the first one
Play Step Seq. Step Seq. Jan. 11, 2013
No xml file?
Play FlutterBy Butterflies FlutterBy Butterflies Aug. 07, 2012
lol i searched fluttershy no fluttershy game lol
Play You are a... The Sequel You are a... The Sequel Aug. 07, 2012
I must sleep with all pokemon O_O