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Play Give Up Give Up Mar. 25, 2013
Pro-tip: the lasers aren't there to kill you, they're just there to make you think they're there to kill you. Sometimes you can afford to slow down.
Play Give Up Give Up Mar. 25, 2013
I hate this game more than I hate people, and I *really* hate people... 5*
Play StarDust I: The Fall of Man StarDust I: The Fall of Man Nov. 26, 2012
Hit box on the large fighter feels like I'm driving a bus. Excruciatingly painful when the juice runs dry.
Play StarDust I: The Fall of Man StarDust I: The Fall of Man Nov. 26, 2012
Could you also *please* not end missions while there are asteroids still in play?
Developer response from nosajimiki

I'll be reworking the way asteroids are spawned before the final release; so, I'll make sure to take care of this when I do that. I'm also working on the text readability issue. Bars not a bad idea though if I get bored.

Play StarDust I: The Fall of Man StarDust I: The Fall of Man Nov. 26, 2012
An easy overview of amount of resources in stock / amount of resources needed for an upgrade would be nice, perhaps as a green/red bar % across the upgrade cost field. It's awkward to check between stock and cost when things cost a lot of different materials, and with the zoom/resolution difficult to read text from the conversion to Kong, it's even less fun.
Play Engage Engage Nov. 19, 2012
There needs to be a way to manually disable knife-throwing. It makes no sense to disable your only melee weapon against a ranged target when there's some 5 other ranged weapons which do the job just as well but can't be used against melee. You've given us manual weapons switching (because auto weapons switching is a bad idea), so please let us disable knife throwing.
Play Candy Conveyor Candy Conveyor Nov. 19, 2012
A way to demolish/remove a conveyor, or indeed any item, placed by the player would be nice... I don't like having to restart the entire level because I placed something one block too far or too short.
Play Another Cave Runner Another Cave Runner Nov. 17, 2012
Nice little game, good fun... but really bad on my eyes. Dunno if it's just me... Not sure what would resolve it except for toning down the background, or making the screen fixed with the character moving up and down rather than vice versa.
Play Canary Canary Nov. 16, 2012
Hmm, looks like a fun game and plays well, but it's really tedious to redo the level from the start if you die... Especially with how slowly you're forced to take the level. At least give us a way to move faster. If we're at the front of the screen waiting for it, something is wrong!
Play Swindler Swindler Nov. 16, 2012
Why oh why does this game only have 3.77 average? D=
Play Hordes and Lords Hordes and Lords Nov. 05, 2012
It's a little lame that you actually get less experience if you lose units but still win. Please can we get the rest of our xp for dead units if we retry and they survive?
Play The Aquatory The Aquatory May. 29, 2012
A beautiful game, but severely lacking in documentation! You can have 5 stars if you give us that; 4 for now though.
Developer response from rincom9

main menu -> INFO. Welcome!

Play The Aquatory The Aquatory May. 29, 2012
So er, how do I collect stars?
Developer response from rincom9

just shoot 'em

Play Temple Glider Temple Glider May. 02, 2012
A great little game, but frustrating when you have to wait for the bird to climb out of the sarcophagus when you keep dying on one frustrating part. Either cut the animation to a shorter one (or remove entirely) for respawns, or allow us to skip it by pressing space or somesuch. Would also be nice to have more control over the bird (glide without flapping, dive w/o waiting for stall etc) but I'd guess that's part of the game.
Play noitcelfeR noitcelfeR Apr. 26, 2012
Promising start, nice concept (though not entirely original), well presented... Controls are a liiiittle glitchy, but nothing major. Except it goes downhill from there. You made a fatal mistake and that's to just start making hard platformer levels instead of using the formula that had worked so well up until that point. This *is* in IWBTG territory and not in a good way. As for the "reward"... Unfortunately cost you another star. Grand total of 3 of 5.
Play Realm of the Mad God Realm of the Mad God Mar. 29, 2012
Addictive... Brutally addictive.
Play Escape From Melakka Escape From Melakka Mar. 26, 2012
Mmm, this game would probably have been better if it wasn't like Diamond Hollow, perhaps you could redo the controls, add some new mechanics and become Mighty Magus instead? You've got roughly the right graphics for it =]
Developer response from gladius2metal

thx for the feedback, I will take a look at Mighty Magus.

Play Red Red Mar. 26, 2012
Shouldn't be a hard badge, should be endurance... Nothing hard about it, just a pain sitting here for 10 minutes >< Game itself is decent if not a touch bland.
Play The Missile Game 3D HS The Missile Game 3D HS Mar. 25, 2012
Menu interface could be a bit smoother. Game's pretty addicting, but it's really awkward navigating through all those menus to be able to keep playing after death, or even between levels, let alone after game over.
Play Zombie Madness Zombie Madness Mar. 25, 2012
There's a bug with lvl 27 + the push back special ability; it causes the boss zombie to fly off screen, making the level impossible if this ability is used.