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Play Run 3 Run 3 Jul. 08, 2014
I have played through all the levels that are currently available, gotten all the achievements, and have bought the right to refer to the power cells as batteries. After having done all of that, I only have one minor complaint. I feel that the means to get power cells are meager, and slow. If it is at all possible, could there be some kind of translation of meters ran into power cells? Like gaining one every 50 meters or so. If not, thats okay. It's not even all the important.
Developer response from player_03

The value of power cells has been increased. Also check out the Gentleman - he has MAGNETS.

Play MARDEK RPG: Chapter 3 MARDEK RPG: Chapter 3 Apr. 28, 2014
@armascott you can make more mirrillixirs at gloria's cauldron in Canonia.
Play Bloons Tower Defense 4 Bloons Tower Defense 4 Aug. 12, 2013
for those of you who are whining about no pause button, you can right click in game to do the same thing.
Play Arcuz (Full Version) Arcuz (Full Version) Jul. 17, 2013
@Visitlegend arcuz 2 IS out, although it would be nice for it to be on Kong.
Play Epic Battle Fantasy 4 Epic Battle Fantasy 4 Mar. 19, 2013
@Elmas This will always happen until you get premium content.
Play Bloons TD 5 Bloons TD 5 Jan. 31, 2013
Is it possible to use my ninjakiwi account on kong? And if not, why should i not be able to use it? I have already bought the mega monky everything pack, which is why I kinda want to use my ninjakiwi acount.
Play Earn to Die 2012 Earn to Die 2012 Dec. 05, 2012
two things i discovered while playing this game was: one: after starting your run through the area, you don't stop using up fuel. two: zombies can not be affected by crates and such, unless they are standing still. hope this was helpful!
Play House of Dead Ninjas House of Dead Ninjas Nov. 06, 2012
@gammaflux yes i have.
Play Monster Saga Monster Saga Nov. 05, 2012
@cham79 play the game. i think you will be surprised.
Play MARDEK RPG: Chapter 3 MARDEK RPG: Chapter 3 Oct. 27, 2012
@CriticalMiss did you complete the other requirements? if so, then you should report missing badge.
Play Hacker vs Hacker Hacker vs Hacker Oct. 17, 2012
@Wertilq trojans? eheh... trojan horse.
Play TETRIS'D: The Game TETRIS'D: The Game Oct. 04, 2012
actually dragonslayer926, the person playing tetris does occasionally mess up. seen it happen.
Play Dream World Dream World Sep. 16, 2012
@mclovin38 maybe it is a different beggar each time!
Play Dream World Dream World Sep. 01, 2012
@elspood most of those items are useful. especially if you have played for awhile.
Play Wake Up the Box Wake Up the Box Aug. 19, 2012
in level 8 all you have to do is place a single block of wood.
Play Dream World Dream World Jul. 30, 2012
@thegamemaster123 are you dissing mardek rpg? cause you have to time attacks properly to get added effects (in mardek rpg.)
Play Fantasy Online Fantasy Online Jul. 29, 2012
@demonicator look at the top comments, noob!
Play MARDEK RPG: Chapter 2 MARDEK RPG: Chapter 2 Jul. 20, 2012
@everin yes, they are.
Play Fantasy Online Fantasy Online Jul. 12, 2012
@TrollFaceKidTFK there are at least 13 servers.
Play Doodle God Doodle God Jul. 11, 2012
fire + dinosaur = dragon. air + dinosaur ALSO = dragon. two different combinations CAN result in the same thing (life + golem and life + beast as an example both create human.)