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Play Dream World Dream World Jul. 31, 2014
CantTouchThisKid Why? The quests give nice rewards.
Play BloodRealm BloodRealm Jul. 30, 2014
To EVERYBODY trying to evolve, and failing, 3* Cards don't work, Yet, anyways, It has to be 4* or higher.
Play Raze 2 Raze 2 Jul. 25, 2014
Thanks @greatman148, The directions were a little hard to follow, but i got them eventually, I don't think i EVER would've gotten them myself
Play Raze 2 Raze 2 Jul. 25, 2014
Just a question: Could somebody list the four secret achievements? I've tried everything, they're impossible to find.
Play Give Up Give Up Jul. 24, 2014
I don't see a button that says "FAILURE", I see one that says "GET WRECKED, SON" though. So, Listen to it.
Play Epic Boss Fighter Epic Boss Fighter Jul. 19, 2014
Okay, No. OKAY, NO. Fix the player's hit box! I keep moving my feet into shots, at the bottom of the screen, behind the GUI, and losing Half my health for NO APPARENT REASON. Fix the Hitbox damnit
Play Idle Tree Idle Tree Jul. 17, 2014
I only now realize, After seeing the Pink teddy bear spewing rainbows out of it's gut at trees that it dawns on me. Life is not about Living. It's about MURDERING EVERY TREE. EVER. Oh, Should i have said "Kicking"? Meh.
Play AdVenture Capitalist AdVenture Capitalist Jul. 12, 2014
TO EVERYONE COMMENTING ON PRICES OF BUYING THINGS: There is a certain increase amount that is per unit. That's why having 400 Newspaper Deliveries costs so much more than having 400 Oil Rigs, Newspaper Deliveries increase by more per unit, increasing by the most of any unit, while Oil rigs increase by the least of any unit. ~SO STOP POSTING COMMENTS ABOUT THIS~
Play Ultimate BattleShip 3D Ultimate BattleShip 3D Jul. 12, 2014
Lol. Impossible to lose scenario: Press start without deploying ships
Play Feudalism III Feudalism III Jul. 07, 2014
I think that your character should have No-Clip when walking through your own troops, Because getting stuck behind your troops for 90% is not that fun, and in my opinion, a little bit of dumb game design, adding No-Clip to your main Character would be nice~
Play Heroes of the Realm Heroes of the Realm Jul. 04, 2014
Dude, I have finished One Mission, Total, I need to be at like mission 5 to have oracle / temple
Play Heroes of the Realm Heroes of the Realm Jul. 04, 2014
Because, A: I can't build the temple due to not enough quest completion B; I only have 10 SS
Play Heroes of the Realm Heroes of the Realm Jul. 02, 2014
I have a problem: All my units are expired, I stopped playing for like 3 months at level one, because it didn't interest me, But now it does, and i can't play, because all my units are expired
Play Tinysasters 2: rise of the nexus Tinysasters 2: rise of the nexus Jun. 30, 2014
Uh.... The school gives magic... Did the creator of this game go insane halfway through coding?
Play Lol Eater 2 Lol Eater 2 Jun. 28, 2014
Hard mode: Right click, Zoom in.
Play Creeper World 3: Abraxis Creeper World 3: Abraxis Jun. 24, 2014
GUYS. Shout out: IF you like this, Creeper world III: Arc Eternal is like 70X as large... Plus support KnuckleCracker for making this...
Play Creeper World 3: Abraxis Creeper World 3: Abraxis Jun. 23, 2014
Tonyjones, Do you grasp the concept of this damn game? this is not a normal tower defence, If you don't like that, GET OUT.
Play Strike Force Heroes 2 Strike Force Heroes 2 Jun. 23, 2014
NickPrick23, Problem, Think of the CPU power that would require, Quad core, AT LEAST, Probably at least 5.0 GHz Plus, I don't think Flash and Kongregate would hold up very well under that...
Play Epic Battle Fantasy Epic Battle Fantasy Jun. 21, 2014
Wait... Since playing EBF4, The first girl in the shop is Anna... Time loop FTW?
Play Epic Battle Fantasy 4 Epic Battle Fantasy 4 Jun. 20, 2014
Excuse me, But how is a Giant mechanical Robot with a gun for a face related to a cat? Please explain, Origins? Builders? Cats. Always cats...