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Play Epic Battle Fantasy 4 Epic Battle Fantasy 4 Sep. 15, 2014
AnTi: First. Shut up, This game is AMAZING. Second. You scan by getting a special Summon. Figure it out. I forget how to get it. You get it like five mins after you start.
Play Auto-Attack! Auto-Attack! Sep. 10, 2014
@OletteE If you had gotten a "Power up!" And clicked on it then immediately after upgraded, That's why. the power up Thing increases legendary craft chance too.
Play Tiny Dice Dungeon Tiny Dice Dungeon Sep. 09, 2014
Why is the stamina such a big problem? Think of it this way: Instead of it slowing down progress, It's a restriction from being WAAAY to OP, In a game like this, W/out a restriction, then people would play for hours without limits, and then the game would be no fun any more. The Stamina System restricts us from doing what EVERY gamer has ever done at least once~ Overplayed, Playing a game so long, that when you come back, it's no longer fun. Thus, Don't hate on this game for a stamina system, Hate on games that SHOULD NOT HAVE a stamina system. Ones where you NEED to farm to progress, in this game, that is not the case. Don't be haters. Be gamers.
Play Magnetized Magnetized Sep. 08, 2014
I Hate this game and it's creator with all my heart, And i hope he dies in hell, Around level 40 you realize how much he must love listening to our PAIN.
Play Tiny Dice Dungeon Tiny Dice Dungeon Sep. 07, 2014
After releasing my first monster, I saw the look on its face, and became super sad.
Play Pwong 2 Pwong 2 Sep. 03, 2014
It slowly devolves from pong to "Gotta hit as many of the balls as i can, don't care about the ones that get past, Muahaha!" Oh and: FML Mode: Go crosseyed, and stay that way for an entire game.
Play Monster Corp Monster Corp Sep. 02, 2014
Why can't i generate more monsters? The game is stuck for me. I can't gen more monsters, and The other two are dead. Greeeat.
Play Watermelon Bomb Watermelon Bomb Aug. 27, 2014
IF this game were real, Earth's motto would be: The inflation is real!
Play Hexagon Hexagon Aug. 22, 2014
Why. Why? WHY? This is the essence of pain. Pentagon, 2 seconds remainiiiing... NO!!! I HATE LIFE. Die die die, 5 secs, die die, Rinse and repeat. I swear. I WILL COMPLETE THIS GAEM. Did i really just say gaem? Game*
Play Minecraft Tower Defence 2 Minecraft Tower Defence 2 Aug. 20, 2014
Okay, I fixed it~ What had to be done (i have no idea why it worked) was: Erase ALL data, then Log out, Log in.
Play Minecraft Tower Defence 2 Minecraft Tower Defence 2 Aug. 20, 2014
The game is broken, at least for me, A: The *FIRST LEVEL*(Forest) Cannot be completed, I'll just sit there, with no clock, Unable to do anything. The second level doesn't have an end point, I can't stop digging and build defenses.
Play Coinbox Hero Coinbox Hero Aug. 19, 2014
*Get's machine gun* *Get's Coin collector* *Get's Weight* *Put's weight on mouse* *Afk for five hours* ???? Profit!
Play Cursed Dungeon Cursed Dungeon Aug. 14, 2014
Note on Grammar: In the achievements section it says "Drank potions" It SHOULD say: "Potions drunk", There might be multiple comments in succession if i find more, Sorry
Play Creeper World 2: Academy Creeper World 2: Academy Aug. 09, 2014
Hey IXBlackWolfXI Couple of things: You're supposed to Fortify, Be READY. Not an idiot. That's why you're failing. Second: Couple of hours?! Have you SEEN the new game? It's Absolutely Gigantic! Third: Your kind is not wanted here, Get off this site.
Play Super Treadmill Super Treadmill Aug. 05, 2014
I want a Detailed analysis on how that damn treadmill works!
Play Everybody Edits Everybody Edits Aug. 02, 2014
@Trans100 Yes, That makes sense, Though i Highly doubt any of this is actually going to happen
Play Everybody Edits Everybody Edits Aug. 01, 2014
Or maybe the possibility of a Block detector. Coupled with the auto save function, it could be Block detector overrides Autosave if multiple blocks are placed in a very short amount of time. This number could be changed. Or maybe a Kick, If you had a set amount of blocks in a set amount of time, you could choose "Disable autosave" Or "Kick (Name of player)" It would stop Soooo much trolling.
Play Dream World Dream World Jul. 31, 2014
CantTouchThisKid Why? The quests give nice rewards.
Play BloodRealm BloodRealm Jul. 30, 2014
To EVERYBODY trying to evolve, and failing, 3* Cards don't work, Yet, anyways, It has to be 4* or higher.
Play Raze 2 Raze 2 Jul. 25, 2014
Thanks @greatman148, The directions were a little hard to follow, but i got them eventually, I don't think i EVER would've gotten them myself