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Play ShellCore Command: Ep1 Final ShellCore Command: Ep1 Final Apr. 09, 2015
help, i cant get the newborn over to the safe sector, is it possible because they always shoot him
Play Face Shot Face Shot Apr. 05, 2015
54, Try And Beat That, on my second try
Play Flappy You Flappy You Feb. 21, 2015
i got 12 points, i wonder if thats good or bad and here is my code: 78436641,0,22,40,61,81,98,116,135,152,174,192,206,227,244,259,278,302,320,340,355,373,392,409,428,447,470,491,507,525,543,562,583,602,617,639,654,672,693,-1
Play Sonny Sonny Dec. 25, 2013
Doctor herecross is much much easier, to kill him you need break and subversion skill if you dont have it then you cant win unless you can do 1000000 damage, heres how to do it just take down about 9700 health and then use break (you might wanna turn off teammates for this) so now he is stunned and now you use subversion because he only heals when he has under 990000 health and then skip your turn and he will heal 2000000 health but subversion reverses that to damage so he instantly dies then the true final boss is a piece of cake. Hope This Helps And Press + To Keep This Alive For Others To See
Play Sonny Sonny Dec. 25, 2013
Step 4 When Fighting Omen shield is also usefull so you might wanna use that too, start the battle by using wound when omen has dark omen status an you will do around 17000 damage next use quick strike once then shield and then he will probably use dark omen again so you use electric bolt to deal about 27000 damage and then repeat this until omen dies, it does work and i did it with renew level 2 and use that after dark omen attack if you can and to me the allies dying dont matter because im the only strong one, and then do this till omen dies and you will win.
Play Sonny Sonny Dec. 25, 2013
if anyone is stuck at omen here is how you kill him. Step 1 there is a glitch that you can make yourself super powerfull like i did, to do this kill galliant for good armor then go to your inventory and click the new armor then while holding that armor click on options and then click any where but not the buttons and then your armor will dissapear but you will be wearing your current armor and that new armor and you can do this till your strength is like 700 like mine was. Step 3 Once you have strength 700 or around about that then have electric bolt and wound in your circle, electric bolt to be full level and wound doesn't matter.
Play Line Game Line Game Dec. 18, 2013
HALELUHA! I GOT THE IMPOSSIBLE BADGE, I still had to play levels after of course level E Which Stands For EVIL!!!! Level E Is Stupidly Ridiculously Long And Hard Its Just Insane But 3/5 For Good Game -2 For Level E
Play Four Second Frenzy Four Second Frenzy Oct. 14, 2013
just beat sudden death mode after 4 days feels so good. my hardest games are code and teleportor oh and avoid the lines thats it really have fun guys
Play Gingerbread Circus 3 Gingerbread Circus 3 Jun. 26, 2013
i cant play this game it says get newer flash version i have 11 what the heck
Play N (Official Web Version) N (Official Web Version) May. 19, 2013
wow really fun game cant believe its on kongregate i loved this game as a kid
Play Megaman Killer Megaman Killer May. 17, 2013
shit were are the checkpoints stuid worthless games
Play Greg Can Jump! Greg Can Jump! May. 08, 2013
Play Hexagon Hexagon Apr. 05, 2013
OMG FINALLY 37 SECONDS YES, Wait. Where is my impossible badge? OMG 60 SECONDS AND ONLY HARD (Faints)
Play Epic Battle Fantasy 4 Epic Battle Fantasy 4 Mar. 10, 2013
this is the best game i have ever played better than all CoD Gears Of War Screw that this is amazing the music 5/5 the bosses 4.95/5 i love the final boss battle its soo long and hard so you have to be strategic and the glitch was a fun part too, kupo you really have crossed the limit of awesomness on this game, i think your the best game maker ever keep up the goodness, even god would want to play this and maybe even a cat lol
Play Epic Battle Fantasy 4 Epic Battle Fantasy 4 Mar. 05, 2013
Play Greg Is So Evil 3 Greg Is So Evil 3 Feb. 22, 2013
kaz you click and drag the left painting off and greg's scepter is there
Play Badge Master Badge Master Feb. 16, 2013
badge isnt in the right place, on browse it dosent show frantic 3's impossible on shooter
Play Badge Master Badge Master Feb. 15, 2013
NM Its working
Play Badge Master Badge Master Feb. 14, 2013
this game or badge recorder is amazing i just have something i think is a bug it says i have 30% of all badges but my title is still casual badger anyway i love this game
Play Vertigo: Gravity Llama Vertigo: Gravity Llama Feb. 02, 2013
man this game is so hard but i still got the hard badge p.s I CANT EVEN DO W3 WITH NO DEATHS