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Play Clicker Party Clicker Party Sep. 13, 2014
Finally a new idle game. I couldn't wait for an other one..
Play A Temple of Two Worlds A Temple of Two Worlds Sep. 09, 2014
Seems like the best games comes with Ludum Dare... Great story and great gameplay, Thats all what i have to say.
Play Duty Of Heroes Duty Of Heroes Jul. 30, 2014
too much armor on the female characters...
Play The Maze of Doom The Maze of Doom Jul. 24, 2014
it was so empty for me, i mean it needs some music, and maybe add some coins (or other collectible stuff) checkpoints (<- and some part where you can die), other than that it wasnt that bad (i hadnt expected a real end:P) btw i liked your fire effect:D id like to ask if you made it by yourself, and maybe in blender, or in unity?
Developer response from KunMeh13

EDIT: New Update includes music! I don't expect music to be difficult to program, but making a catchy tune would be the difficult part for me. However, I will try. Unless I borrowed a tune. BUT I do remember something I made years ago and will look for it. And the fire is part of the "particles" package that is part of Unity. I would like to say I made it :D

Play  Escape From Toilet Escape From Toilet Jun. 30, 2014
that stuff with the cell wasn't obvious for me(i'd never work out that by myself i think), but nice game
Play SideQuest SideQuest Apr. 04, 2014
i can't finish the tutorial, when i click on the "your party" button its just shows up and goes away right after
Developer response from FractalGames

Hello! Thanks to everyone's reports we were able to fix this bug! If anyone encounters it or something similar, please let us know!

Play Where Is My Key? Where Is My Key? Feb. 19, 2014
i liked it, it wasnt too hard or too complicated, but really liked the simple concept, it was a nice little time killer=)
Play Mr PEGS Mr PEGS Dec. 18, 2013
then disconnected and had to start the whole sh*t again... noooo fcking way
Play Mr PEGS Mr PEGS Dec. 18, 2013
the first game is a crap i dont really think anyone would play it till the end... seriously 4 rounds and its only 6%?
Play Dragon's Eye Dragon's Eye Dec. 10, 2013
i liked it, clearly not a great game but it was enjoyable=)
Play Crystal Story II Crystal Story II Nov. 13, 2013
A hero named "Hiro" and a dragon named "Dargon"?... Seriously?
Play ClickPlayTime ClickPlayTime Oct. 28, 2013
the fifth level is really hard if you're lagging
Play Great Conquest Great Conquest Oct. 21, 2013
nice game, finally i see some improvement in these type of games
Play Headless Zombie Headless Zombie Oct. 04, 2013
i was expecting something special for gathering all the gold coins:( Very nice game though=)
Play Zombies in Space Zombies in Space Sep. 10, 2013
that new gun thingy is a bit annoying, it clearly needs some information about what does it exactly do
Play The Cave Of Lights The Cave Of Lights Sep. 07, 2013
nice little game, but i got no idea what happened at the end:(
Play Beard Guy Goes Surfing Beard Guy Goes Surfing Aug. 30, 2013
guess i'll never go surfing
Play Adorith:The Stolen Crystalsc Adorith:The Stolen Crystalsc Aug. 01, 2013
level 27 seems broken :S (or need some better hint what to do)
Play Adorith:The Stolen Crystalsc Adorith:The Stolen Crystalsc Aug. 01, 2013
the music alone worth 5/5
Play Vampire Academy Vampire Academy Jul. 29, 2013
fun little time killer