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Play Sentry Knight Conquest Sentry Knight Conquest Jul. 16, 2015
is it me or this game are always randomly freezes for a sec (multiple times)
Play Soccer Physics Soccer Physics Jul. 06, 2015
lol, i win because of suicide goal!
Play Bear in Super Action Adventure Bear in Super Action Adventure Jun. 24, 2015
love this game, funny and easy to get all achievement!!
Play Decision 3 Decision 3 Feb. 06, 2015
stuck at 1536 (5%) loading
Play The Enchanted Cave 2 The Enchanted Cave 2 Jan. 23, 2015
finally, a museum for showing all my hard worked loot. i really wish other games (ARPG) do this too, not just save in a stash
Play Inferno Legend Inferno Legend Nov. 20, 2014
yay, lv 30. now i can retire peacufully... although vampire is cute
Play Redshift Redshift Nov. 07, 2014
is there a plan for unity cache? i don't like to wait loading before playing. it hurts my internet quota too (yeah i know, it sucks)
Play Pillow City Pillow City Mar. 22, 2014
2 from me, too many bad thing about this game. NO FUN AT ALL
Play Pillow City Pillow City Mar. 21, 2014
wkwkw, orang indonesia nih. ada buatGede, buatFentung
Play Road Of Fury Road Of Fury Mar. 11, 2014
2 uav and 1 tank (front), too easy. as long keep killing those heli and nuke before anything else
Play OFFS3T game OFFS3T game Feb. 16, 2014
indonesia aren't all volcano you know, even though 1 just erupted and 2 more in alert lv 1 and 3
Play Dynetzzle Dynetzzle Jan. 29, 2014
pls make it easier on my eyes... color box is too small, maybe add visualization when i hover (to know which block belong to). game size also need to get bigger, not even lv 10 actually fill all areas. lastly more lv pls, with mark button for completed dice (toggle on and off) just for reminder
Play Diggy Diggy Jan. 28, 2014
there should be unlimited energy after max upgrade/finished game, just for the heck of it (making underground full of holes is interesting!!)
Play Sentry Knight Sentry Knight Jan. 17, 2014
easy game? just use each lv1 spell for 1-2-3, use sea of fire/scourge burst for AOE and lastly gargoyle for health.
Play Bitzy Blitz Bitzy Blitz Jan. 15, 2014
hmm, my sniper is the best by far, even though dmg rather low(lazer). kinda odd though since bazooka was my weakest (stat way better too)
Play Kingdom Rush Kingdom Rush Jan. 11, 2014
i wonder what's the difference with KR for PC
Play Newgrounds Rumble Newgrounds Rumble Jan. 10, 2014
whoa, i get the badge in 30 sec or less...
Play Madville Madville Jan. 04, 2014
good game although, upgrading short and mid weapon feels like PUNISHMENT
Play Lost Outpost Lost Outpost Dec. 09, 2013
how to get "sponsor" armor? i've played in maxgames and it's still locked
Play Heroes of the Realm Heroes of the Realm Dec. 07, 2013
why do i need to click receive to get my loot? why not close and receive?