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Play Dynetzzle Dynetzzle Jan. 27, 2014
Really interesting puzzle. It's somewhat challenging but I wonder if the complexity partly arises due to the fact that you can get confused when following colors/nets. I wonder if the ability of highlighting one specific net (could be by hovering over a color or could be by separate buttons for each color) would make the puzzle a great deal easier or even remove most of the challenge. On the other hand, you could add more complexity by arranging the nets in space (rather than in a plane). So a square could be part of more than four different nets in total. If you could freely rotate the configuration of nets, you could also use the backsides of the spares. Another possiblity would be, to not use standard labelling of the nets but to provide specific nets that would have to be fitted into the given grid without knowing which color belongs to which net. All in all, it looks pretty promising. Good work!
Play Rolling Ghosts Rolling Ghosts Jun. 22, 2013
That was surprisingly more fun than I had thought. There are a lot of games with a similar concept, but this one stands out due to interesting puzzles that are clear enough to be solvable by thinking but additionally need some fine-tuning in execution (regarding timing and such). Also music and graphics are nice.
Play Prizma Puzzle 3 Prizma Puzzle 3 Feb. 14, 2011
p.s. I mean the whole album not the song.
Play Prizma Puzzle 3 Prizma Puzzle 3 Feb. 14, 2011
If you love the music you might want to give Ludovico Einaudi's "Nightbook" a try. :)
Play Path Tracer Path Tracer Jan. 10, 2011
Which song is this? Oh, and btw. it's quite simple to solve: You have to start at an intersection with an uneven number of paths.
Play Berimbau Quiz Berimbau Quiz Nov. 28, 2010
Nice idea... however, as a game it could be better: It would be nice if you could browse all the toques to practice. Also you never know what would have been the correct answer. More variety in the sound samples would be nice (and they could also be longer). Oh, and why not a quiz where you actually have to a play (or write down) a given toque? :)
Play Shadow Snake Shadow Snake Jul. 25, 2010
Very nice game! But still -- the snake feels a little too stiff for me. I'd like to be able to curl up into a ball. The movements of the tail pieces are a little unpredictable, i.e. sometimes you drag your body into a monster just because the movement of the head influences the tail pieces a little too much.
Play Coma Coma Jul. 07, 2010
Guys, if you love the music you might want to try Jose Gonzalez. The guitar piece in the beginning reminds me very much of his music. Great game btw! ^^
Play Gorillas.bas Online Gorillas.bas Online Jul. 02, 2010
'Finding an opponent' never finds anyone for me. :(
Play Gorillas.bas Gorillas.bas Jul. 02, 2010
'Good' is not about how fancy the graphics are and it's not about how many options you have or whatsoever. Some (or even most?) people think a game is 'good' because they like the ideas and the feelings it conveys. In that sense a pac man clone with crappy 8bit graphics can still be better than the super uber 3d pac man deluxe. In that sense I really like this game and I don't feel anyhing like I 'need' to vote in any other way.
Play Kowia Rotospheres Kowia Rotospheres Jun. 28, 2010
Interesting concept, but the controls really suck. Sometimes clicking won't launch the disk. This pretty much ruins the whole game. Also I think the game concept would greatly benefit from some inertia, i.e. physics-wise the disc should have a momentum tangentially to the arc it's moving on. And even nicer if also the discs would get moved from the impact. Additionally I'd like to see a timer telling me when a disc will launch itself.
Play Bomb IT Bomb IT Jun. 28, 2010
I do not like the controls. I can't pinpoint it exactly, it has probably something to do with the fact that you can't stop whereever you want (but always slide to the center of a tile). Also I find the graphics a little bit confusing, it's simply too colorful. I don't like hue-only contrasts.
Play Robin To The Rescue Robin To The Rescue Jun. 27, 2010
Btw, if you think shooting at gibbets is something so very unsual that only Gibbets (the game) could have thought of it and every other game using it automatically stole it from there: I know at least on Robin Hood movie where he shoots the rope of a gibbet just like this. Dunno, I think it might be part of the legend as well a the splitting arrow is.
Play Robin To The Rescue Robin To The Rescue Jun. 27, 2010
Oops, I meant of course Gibbets... ^^
Play Robin To The Rescue Robin To The Rescue Jun. 27, 2010
Well, it's clearly inspired by Giblets (similar graphics, rag doll model), but Giblets itself is not THAT original. C'mon... shooting a bow by dragging your mouse? How ingenious is that? ;) And also look at the tons of tower defense games -- all stolen? On first glance the levels aren't direct copies of neither Giblets or Giblets 2, but maybe you have other levels other there (level 8 or level 9 are copies of which levels in Giblet?) Dunno what fun you're missing... it's as funny or un-funny as Giblets. At first I thought it is a new version of Giblets but with another theme. Strangely there are no credits whatsoever given in game which maybe makes it a little suspicious.
Play Potion Bar Potion Bar Jun. 18, 2010
Yeah, like I'm going to download the full version for JUST 20 bucks. -_- The game has nice graphics and music, but the gameplay is not THAT great.
Play Mini Math Quiz Mini Math Quiz Jun. 17, 2010
Seriously... white on yellow?
Play Rotate & Roll Rotate & Roll Jun. 16, 2010
Haha, after playing a while it really makes me wanna learn contact juggling! =)
Play Speed Escape Speed Escape Jun. 16, 2010
I had fun! :) (And I actually hate such games...)
Play Rotate & Roll Rotate & Roll Jun. 16, 2010
Very nice! The physics feel natural. Controls are very good and not too tricky (responsive but not over-sensitive). The music is especially nice. =) Good job. 5/5