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Play Anna Cooking Spaghetti Anna Cooking Spaghetti Mar. 24, 2015
Interactive spaghetti recipe. Spells "leang beeg" instead of "lean beef", doesn't tell you to peel the garlic or the onion, doesn't tell you to discard the green bit of the carrot, and while it might be able to get a pre-schooler into teh kitchen to cook with mama, I wouldn't recommend following it without adult supervision, and older kids are probably better off watching a youtube video.
Play Elsa Nose Problems Elsa Nose Problems Mar. 24, 2015
This game makes you do a lot of things that don't need to be done to any nose, and it's not even ironic or funny about it. Nor do the controls work well, it's never clear where the active area of any of the tools is. (If it was, the game would take less than 2 minutes.)
Play The Angelinas Prophecy The Angelinas Prophecy Mar. 24, 2015
A short, run-of-the-mill "pick the hiddenobject out of the hodgepodge that has no relation to the story" game with a handful of screens. The story is three sentences in three text boxes. Feels like a demo.
Play Awesome Conquest Awesome Conquest Mar. 23, 2015
Needs a highscore entry for days taken to complete the game. Other than that, fun game.
Play Sentry Knight 2 Sentry Knight 2 Feb. 28, 2015
Also, survival mode.
Play Sentry Knight 2 Sentry Knight 2 Feb. 28, 2015
Monster level 7 is where it's at. Also, Ice. With 14 levels, the game seems rather short.
Play Witch Hunt Witch Hunt Feb. 11, 2015
Ugh, I'm having a problem with keys not being responsive at some point - sucks if the game is stuck ona spell that uses up the charges, and sucks even more if clicking the mouse stops working.
Developer response from kreig13

a known bug that has pestered me for a while now. it's weird that this never happened to me, so i am not sure what's causing this. could you update your flash player please? also what browser are you using? thanks.

Play Battle Beavers Battle Beavers Nov. 24, 2014
Lost my game progress when my browser crashed. When does this game autosave? Not often enough, that's for sure!
Play Mu Complex : Episode One Mu Complex : Episode One Nov. 18, 2014
So we're using ssh in this game. Ssh was developed in 1995. Devlopment on Unix started 1969. Yet we are supposed to infer that a newspaper from the year '61 refers to 1961, and that it exists in our timeline.
Play Tiny King Tiny King Nov. 06, 2014
Reminds me of teh old Broderbund living books, very nicely animated!
Play Sky Quest Sky Quest Nov. 01, 2014
Not sure why people call this grindy, I played from start to death of death only repeating some levels that weren't perfect and some that I failed. Used my crystals to judiciously upgrade equipment, crafted a 2x when the misison came up and a rare late in the game. From midgame on, invested skill points in better loot. This game allows full respec at no extra cost, use it! Playing smart gets rewarded.
Play Picrossy Picrossy Oct. 21, 2014
Please autozoom to maximum size when a level loads. Also, most annoying to me is that left-click doesn't always mean on - when I left-click on a black square, it means "off", and I'm not used to that.
Play Killing House Night Killing House Night Oct. 20, 2014
Achievement #44: Click Order: Piano Computer Camera Tissue Roll Knife. WTF? Also, didn't get the achievement for blender or tissue roll yet, though I've used them.
Play Vinyl Memories Vinyl Memories Sep. 26, 2014
Nice game, if a bit short - "Music Catch" is similar, but has more tunes. I love the idea of showing progress through the polaroid which gets more complete as I play - I believe a score display (as in a number) in-game woudl spoil the athmosphere. The "game over" screen could well contain a message like "you caught 345 triangles and hit 7 scratches" or something like that; since the scratches subtract from my triangle stash, a combined total would also work.
Play Queue Simulator 2014 Queue Simulator 2014 Sep. 17, 2014
ArcheAge should've hired SagaciousArts to do their login system. Wait, what? They did?
Play Demons Down Under Demons Down Under Sep. 08, 2014
Really nice game, I love the powerups. If you're still updating the game, could you keep the star on the minimap when the player opens the chest so I can see where the shovel is if I decide to still pick stuff up elsewhere?
Play Tactics 100 Live Tactics 100 Live Sep. 05, 2014
I just made 1000 points with the default setup. All it takes is some tactics.
Play Invert Selection Invert Selection Aug. 19, 2014
Ugh, 5 seconds to solve a level, 30 seconds to watch the animations. I think I'm going to give this game a miss...
Play Royal Warfare Royal Warfare Aug. 13, 2014
Do I gain anything by completing mission on the harder difficulties? I was expecting more stars, but that doesn't seem to be happening.
Developer response from platon_skedow

I added levels of difficulty to let players select a a level that fits their skills.

Play In drmzzz In drmzzz Jun. 10, 2014
Very short and very Bonte! I like it!