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Play How Will You Die? How Will You Die? Jul. 19, 2013
Play How Will You Die? How Will You Die? Jul. 19, 2013
Play REPLAYING :the game: REPLAYING :the game: Jul. 18, 2013
never gonna give u up never gonna let u down
Play Achievement Unlocked Achievement Unlocked Jul. 18, 2013
I loved it!
Play William and Sly 2 William and Sly 2 Dec. 20, 2012
i love these games.not only am i playing as the animal,but the music is soothing,the graphics are some of the best i've seen,and the gameplay is fun,non- frustating,and just plain amazing.5/5
Play You Find Yourself In A Room You Find Yourself In A Room Dec. 16, 2012
39308 was the number.
Play Feed Us Feed Us Dec. 15, 2012
i find it weird how they can eat anything...even afros...
Play Health Bar Tutorial Health Bar Tutorial Dec. 15, 2012
Play You are a... You are a... Dec. 14, 2012
I'm a bad pimp who likes to exploe giraffes...0-o that's disturbing.
Play Light Cut Light Cut Dec. 08, 2012
herp derp oh what's this? a gaaaaaaame?it sounds like that awesome gory surgery game i played a while ago!it's even from the same maker!ooohh i can't wait!*plays game*I PISSED MY PAAAAANNTTTSSSS DDDDDDDDDDDDD:
Play Vulpin Adventure Vulpin Adventure Dec. 07, 2012
to the creator, i loved this.i really mean it.the grapghics are way too good for a flash game,the creatures crossed the boudaries of imagination,the game is fun,the names for the enemies were creative,the music is relaxing and not at all crappy,and customizing my vulpin was a very nice touch.althogh i agree with the others comments,these things did not bother me much.the only problem is that the game is too short.i mean all of this deeply. love and admiration, meowmeowmeow222.
Play Darkness 2 Darkness 2 Dec. 01, 2012
the music scared me 0-0
Play The Day The Day Nov. 24, 2012
tika needs to find another way to have a birthday...
Play Strips 'n Stripes Strips 'n Stripes Nov. 24, 2012
this is adorable
Play Always Alone Always Alone Nov. 23, 2012
story of my life so far.
Play This Game Was Made In 8 Minutes This Game Was Made In 8 Minutes Nov. 23, 2012
this is beautiful,i have never seen such a beautiful,meaningful, and strangely depressing game.this game deerves to be given award. i congratulate the genius who made this.truly the summit of digtal entertainment.
Play Raptus Raptus Nov. 23, 2012
i believe that suiciding made him atone for killing her,and now they can be together...forever.........without the voice............
Play Ticketless Ticketless Nov. 22, 2012
they should give that guy a raise...
Play Escape the Red Giant Escape the Red Giant Nov. 22, 2012
jmmycarlos,more like "seems legit"
Play Crow In Hell Crow In Hell Nov. 22, 2012
i feel bad for the crow.i mean,he got shot,is trapped in hell,AND is probably the only living bird in existence to be alive AND in hell.when that crow gets out of hell,that redneck WILL PAY.